Meal Planning Monday, October 29th

Happy Monday!  After a horrible weekend of eating, I really needed to get a handle on my eating. I prepared a basic egg muffin cup and some turkey sausage to have for this week for breakfast.  Today's lunch is a Caesar Salad.  I added some spinach to it.  The thing I love about WW is that I can have things like that, I just weigh and measure my "extras".  

Dinner for this week include:

  • beans and cornbread
  • slow cooker cauliflower potato soup
  • fried chicken made in the air fryer with some Brussels Sprouts
  • chicken pot pie 
  • fettuccine alfredo/garlic bread/salad
  • pulled pork and root vegetable medley
Having a plan in place always make things so much better!  I also bought some little snack boxes, which seem to be big enough to put things together for my daughter's lunch.  I made homemade applesauce that, even warm, was so tasty!  I feel more positive going into this week, especially after this weekend!  I overate this weekend in ways that I have not in some time.  So one step at a time.  This is all about learning to live life and feel better.  Hope everyone has a great start to your work! 


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