Flashback Friday, October 26th

Happy Friday friends!  Wednesday night for dinner I decided to make an easy (I mean super, super easy) chicken and dumplings.  We've had some cooler weather so I thought it'd be quick and easy before heading to church.  It really hit the spot!  We had no leftovers to speak of so I call it a hit.  I used boxed chicken stock, a can of Annie's biscuits and canned chicken.  We ended up adding a carrot and some rosemary.  It wasn't the same as my Nanny's, but it really hit the spot.  What I will say though is that when I took that first bite, I was transported back in time to my Nanny's kitchen when I was a little girl.  Smelling clothes drying on the line also reminds me of my Nanny.  

Has anyone else noticed that certain foods or smells just take you back to another time or place or that they instantly make you think of someone?  

Beans and cornbread, especially pinto beans, send me right back to Mom's house.  

This garlic spread reminds me of my Memaw's house, as does fingernail polish.  Hearing about wrestling, the Von Erichs specifically, remind me of time spent with Memaw.  

There are so many great memories attached to those people, and many more in my life, that make me so thankful!  What I wouldn't give to have time with each of them again, but I will have to wait until it's my time.  

We have so many things that we have learned from those that have gone before.  I honestly wish I had listened more about my family's history.  All those afternoons and evenings with family sitting at my elders' knees hearing them talk about the "good ole days".  Those are times we can't get back, but enjoyed all those times so much!  

What smells/foods remind you of people in your past?  I hope they are all good memories!  


  1. Brussels sprouts remind me of endless battles with my mother when I was little, because I refused to eat them! And guess what: as an adult I have never eaten even one of those nasty things! :)


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