Keeping It Simple in September, Goals for the month.

July and August had some good and bad points to them for me and my weight loss journey.  Here's the thing, I want to go back into basics with my Weight Watchers journey.  The big thing that will be different than when I first started with Weight Watchers originally is that I will be adding some walking in as well as focusing on the basics of the program.  

From my weigh-in on July 28 and throughout the month of August, I lost 4.4 pounds.  I hit a low of 188.4 about mid-month, but I have not been working the plan the way I need to since then.  Since we are starting the month with a 3-day weekend, I'm going to try to get some meal prepping done so I can go into the month of September with a game plan for success.  As Benjamin Franklin says: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Zero point foods will definitely be a big part of my plan for this month.  I am determined to hit the 180's again this month and stay there.  

Tracking is definitely key for me, even if it is just tracking the zero point foods.  I will also be looking at some zero point soup recipes to add to my list of things to cook for this month.  It will help fill me up and give me some different options.  I may even try a few days of the -10 SmartPoint challenge that I saw on YouTube not long ago.  This is about me and my health.  It may take me focusing on stringing one day at a time together so I can get a week down and then before I know it the month will be up.  


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