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What's Up Wednesday, July 11th

After my visit to the cardiologist and reading his notes, I am not okay.  It is really becoming clear to me that my health is in my hands.  I am the one that can change what I eat and drink.  I have been doing far better with what I have been eating.  I have been staying within my Weight Watchers points for the most part and getting my 'blue dots", but sometimes that alone is not enough.  I think that now is the time for me to refocus.   Also, to add to everything else, I was talking with some other people on FB about how many different schools of thought that there were on eating and nutrition.  Shortly after that conversation, my sweet husband and I headed to Half Price Books after an unplanned date night.  There were no fewer than 3 tall shelves of books on diet and nutrition.  Seriously?  No wonder people are confused!  I am confused,but I am trying to focus on eating more plant based foods and less processed foods and good quality meat when I have it.  Am I going down