Taking One Day at a Time Tuesday, April 10th

I have been thinking a lot about things lately.  I feel like I have been recycling my weight losses and weight gains pretty much since I accepted my husband's proposal of marriage.  I know that life gets in the way at times.  Honestly, I have recently noticed that my focus has changed.  My focus has been  on planning dinners for my family or planning and preparing lunches for my family instead of focusing on seeing the number on the scale go down each week.  It makes me feel good knowing my family has lunch, even when I haven't taken the time to make one for myself.  I have felt pretty good so far this week.  Why?  I know it's only Tuesday, but I've managed to get my breakfast smoothie prepared, as well as lunch for my husband and I the night before.  Lunch for the kids was pretty well done before bed.  I guess I didn't realized how much it frees up my mornings to do these little things at night.  I know now and am of the hope that I can make this a habit.  

Speaking of habits, I've seen some "habit trackers" pop up on Amazon and on some blogs, but has anyone used a habit tracker app that works well?  I am curious about using one that I may be able to customize to include some not so standard things that no everyone may want to track.  

My true hope is that this change in focus will ultimately get me to my goal.  I accepted a challenge this week to try to do 5 to 10 miles this week...either using my FitBit Miles/Activity Minutes/Leslie Miles or the like.  I decided to use my activity minutes because I've been trying to do some 5 minute walks every hour, if not more.  Yesterday I tracked my food and managed to get in 60 minutes activity that I actually tracked.  Today I am on track for much the same.  I have to admit that some weeks/days this meal planning just flows...other weeks/days are like pulling teeth to get things on paper.  I just hope that this will become a habit for me and will get easier with time.  Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!  


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