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Thursday Thoughts, March 29th

Today is truly one of those days where I miss my Momma.  She always tried to make my birthday special.  She told me once that when my birthday rolled around she always bought herself a present too because it was a celebration for her too!  But I digress, my Sousin (for those of you that don't have one it is a Sister-Cousin) and I were talking about how things have changed since we were kids.  It was definitely not all bad and there are some changes that I am quite grateful for.  I have some wonderful memories, some that I will be sharing soon, I promise, but some of these things that I experienced my children will never get to experience.  Easter dinner was a family affair, just like Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.  Family time was different and it didn't seem to take such an effort to go to someone's house and spend time with them.  I am a little further away now, but I am determined to make time to spend with family again.   These are some very special memories for me

Thursday Thoughts, March 22nd

I had my mammogram this morning.  I won't lie and say I was looking forward to today.  I had apparently forgotten to schedule it for last year, I am ashamed to say.  However, I decided it was necessary to suck it up and just get it scheduled...and my oldest son made a point to hold me accountable for getting it scheduled.  I decided I would get it scheduled for this week, before my birthday and get it done before the Texas heat really kicks in and it's a problem to go with deodorant.    I just wanted it to be over with.  To that end, I was rushing around this morning to get lunches prepared and get out of the house to my appointment so I wouldn't be late.  I sat down and grabbed a magazine, with the hope that they would call my name quickly.  Then quickly decided I should send a text to my coworkers, so I put down the magazine.  I know a lot of people read OK and Good Housekeeping and the like, but I'm really not one of those people.  When I sat back down, someone els