Thursday Thoughts, January 25th

<==  This cupcake seems to be fitting to some extent here lately.  I have had a bit of a sweet tooth.  Not anything super major, just those mini chocolates (like you get a Halloween), but definitely don't need to make a habit of so I need to get a handle on it.  I have been feeling a little low with everything going on in my life right now, but I am determined note to sink into a depression like that one that tried to sink me years ago.  I am trying to make some better choices this week, but it hasn't gone quite as well as I would prefer.  Such is life, right?  While I may not be where I want to be, I'm taking it one step at a time.  Literally, I am trying to hit at least 6,000 steps per day and I'm doing okay with that overall.  I guess it's about time to move that goal up to 8,000.  The thing that I am trying to focus on while I am trying to move toward my goal is that I want to hit my goal, but I don't want to try to do double workouts and such now if I am not willing to do that after I get closer to goal.  In that regard, I think I have some decisions to make.  I'm trying to get back into meal planning and doing some prepping.  It has been hit and miss of late, but I'm glad I'm trying.  I really think I will get better at it as I keep trying.  I do wish I could get some input from my family.  I have actually been thinking about pulling my bike out to ride to work when the weather starts warming up.  I think I may have to work up to riding it every weekday, but even once a week is a start.

Also, to be honest, I realized when a memory popped into my head about another family member that's passed that I really need to get back to writing those things out.  I know my children may not share all of the same ones about these same loved ones, but I greatly enjoyed hearing stories of my ancestors.  I really think that some of them may be a little ordinary, but if I write them down, then others can read them and enjoy a little piece of history that they will be a little more relatable. 

I am not sure I will see a loss this week, but I do absolutely feel like I'm making progress in my mindset and that's half the battle.


  1. I think all of my teeth are sweet teeth! Ha ha. I need to get back to meal planning too. I stick to my calories a lot better each day when I plan ahead.


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