Memories Monday, December 11th

I was feeling a little down last week.  Getting past the anniversary of my Mom's death and with Christmas approaching quickly, it has been difficult for me to get into the spirit.  

I have been on an audiobook kick of late and happened to have finished my audiobook earlier in the day than expected.  I decided to take that time to listen to some Christmas music to try to help me get myself where I thought I should be.  I started out listening to the "pop" Christmas music.  I promptly decided that was NOT going to get myself in the Christmas spirit listening to that, so I switched to the Bing Crosby channel.  So many memories popped in my head.  

One of the memories that came to mind was working on crafts such as pipe cleaner ornaments at our dining room table, while singing Christmas carols with my Mom.  We sang songs such as Silent Night, White Christmas and Silver Bells.  All this made me a bit melancholy, but I was reminded how much Mom and I loved those nights.  We also enjoyed nights just reading in the same room, while listening to the television.  This was one of Mom's favorite times of the year, so I am trying hard to honor her this year.  It's not always easy to move forward after a loss like this one.  I hope that I am reminding you of fond memories of loved ones that may have passed on.


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