Motivation Monday, September 4th

 Happy Monday!  Already 4 days into September and I'm telling you, I am feeling positive about this month!  For the last couple of weeks, when not suffering with a migraine, I have been working out in the mornings.  While my weigh-in on August 26, 2017, showed a gain and I was at 199.8.  I continued to push through and workout 4 days this past week and it paid off when I weighed in on Saturday, September 2nd with a 4.2 pound loss!  My food was not 100% last week but I do feel good about that loss.  Time to re-group and re-focus on the food.  So I am definitely trying to keep on with my workouts, so today, with my day off, I did the Tuesday workout (4 miles + arm session).  I knew I would have more time today so I did it.  Friday, however, I think I will have to do a "create your own" workout because I will not have time for 5 miles first thing in the morning.  

So my cousin has included me in a challenge for the month of September and I posted the "Before" pictures below.  As of September 2, I weigh 195.6.   Goals for September? Continue my morning workouts, incorporate strength training again, lose 4 to 8 pounds, and continue focusing on real food choices instead of processed foods.  I am doing this for me, but ultimately to be around much longer to harass my children! ;-)  Seriously, I know my Mom would want me to be healthy and happy.  I miss her so bad some days that I just want to crawl into myself and push everyone else away.  I know, however, this is NOT what she would want for me.  So thankful that no one can take away my memories with her and they pop into my head and make me smile.  

Oh and an interesting thing that I Mom filled out these little papers for school, I assume, and they had her weight on them.  At the time when she was in high school, I think this was her senior year (1968-1969), she weighed in at 135.  While I am not as tall as her (she was 5'2") at the time, that is my goal weight.  I know I was at 135 in high school myself and I felt pretty good at that weight.  Hope you have had a restful Labor Day!  


  1. Awesome job getting the workouts done. And congratulations on the loss.

    Your September goals sound very achievable.

    I'm 5'1" and my goal is 130. That's about 40-45 pounds to go.


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