Try It Tuesday, July 18th

 Happy Tuesday, friends!  A week or two ago I was reading blogs and ran across one talking about the new Trader Joe's cauliflower crust.  I mentioned it to my sweet hubby and he decided to pick up a cheese pizza with a cauliflower crust for me.  We finally had it Saturday evening.  This definitely gets 2 thumbs up from my DH, DD15 and myself.  In fact, my DD15 liked it so well that she almost didn't believe that it was not a standard "pizza" crust.  Next time, I think I will probably put something else on it, but I did enjoy it just as it was.  Honestly, I really suggest trying it for yourself.

And in other news...I have been making a point to steer clear of sugar filled treats.  I have been using honey along with fruit to sweeten my Greek Yogurt.  It has truly made a difference.  I decided to get myself a small treat for when I was craving something sweet.  We purchased some little mini peanut butter cups.  The serving size is 27 and it's 11 SmartPoints...not that I think I'll be having 27 at a time.  Yesterday, I decided to have 2...honestly, it was so sweet, I had to down water afterwards.  I told DH, I thought I was going to have to bring it home because it was just too much.  I feel good about this change.  I am determined to make some progress this week since my weight loss seems to be a loss and then a gain and then small loss and a small gain.  I am over this yo-yo feeling.  I am worth it and I can do it.  I have hit my step goal and most days have surpassed it.  I am proud of myself for pushing it.  Time to get the quiche out of the oven!  I'll probably post about it next week!  Have a great night! 


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