Memories Monday, July 17th

Good evening friends!  At the end of last week, a young lady at the T-Mobile store asked me about my Mom and my memories of her.  I do indeed have some very fond memories of my Mom.  She asked me to share some with her...which I was happy to do.  There are truly so many and I shared only a few.  One of which is when we couldn't afford to pay attention, she would tell me to get dressed.  Once I would get dressed we would head south to the Dallas area and we would go window shopping.  There were nights when we would stay home and play Yahtzee or rummy.  Other nights we would create ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads or make bracelets with leather and beads.  These are only a few, but were such fond memories for me.

I was getting a little lax again and my friend Kate invited me to a FitBit challenge that I had not done before.  It really gave me a kick in the behind and I've managed to exceed my goals most days.  I am trying to make sure that I plan my snacks and such so I can track correctly.  I hope everyone has a fantastic night!  


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