July 1st - New Month. New Beginning.

Wow!  I was looking back at June and realized I went from posting everyday in May to almost non-existent posting in June.  I am really trying to make an effort to increase the cardio this month so that I will be prepared for when we head for the mountains.  I did check in this morning and my starting weight for July is 198.  I also talked my sweet husband into taking my measurements so that we could monitor my progress better.  I have realized in my life, even just my life with him (8 years now) that I have been in better shape.  When we last did my measurements, some were the same as today and some were definitely not.  I am definitely focusing on a variety of things and not just what the number on the scale shows.  I am still trying to get all the goals for the month straight in my head before I post them.  I don't want to set myself up for failure.  

Sorry for the delayed post, but I intended to add more/complete this post last night, but we didn't get home until late and I was not doing anything computer related.


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