Thursday, June 1st

Hello friends!  Welcome June!  This year is just flying by for me.  What about you?  I am feeling pretty positive about this month and setting myself up for achieving some goals for this month.  I do need to check in at Weight Watchers so I have a starting weight, but I promised my DD that we would go to the mall tonight to try to pick up some pencil skirts.  It was a successful trip.  For the new month, my goals are:

1. Track, no matter what I eat;
2. Focus on hitting my step goal; 
3. Meal Plan, even if I don't have an opportunity to prepare it ahead of time.

What goals have you set for yourself for this month?  

My Pastor was talking about the "Next Right Steps" and it's really giving me some food for thought.  In the grand scheme of things, it can really apply to different areas in our lives. I am hoping to share a little bit about it soon.  I should get to bed!  Hope everyone has a great night!  


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