Saturday, June 3rd

Good evening and happy Saturday friends!  I hope everyone is well!  I was exhausted last night and wound up dozing off before I managed to even get the computer opened on my lap. I did get up and make a run to check-in with Weight Watchers this morning.  I managed to lose 0.2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I definitely have some room to improve that's for sure.  I was a little frustrated with myself yesterday but while I didn't get my steps in during the workday, I refused to just give in.  Although, I will admit it was tempting just to go to bed without finishing.  I walked standing next to my bed just to hit my 6,000 step goal.  I was in a similar situation tonight.  We worked on my house so I managed to get some movement in, but not quite enough steps.  I did a little walking around the house to get my last few steps in.  I am feeling pretty good that I have managed to hit my step goal this week. 

It was definitely a busy week, but I need to focus on staying within my SmartPoints this week.  Meal planning will happen tomorrow and hopefully a little meal prep as well.  

We have an early morning tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a fantastic evening! 


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