Sunday, May 7th

I have to tell you that today was pretty awesome.  We had an amazing move of God at church this morning.  I went this morning determined to praise the Lord after the past week and what I know is coming tomorrow.  My co-worker's last day was Friday.  I know working in the coming week is definitely going to be a change of pace.  Yesterday was super busy and I feel like we got much done, even if it wasn't all that I wanted to get done.  I am pretty sore today, but I am looking forward to tomorrow.  

The Lord works in ways we may not be able to understand.  I have a friend/classmate whose son was shot.  Things are not looking great for him right now, but if you pray, please pray for this family and this young man who was shot.  I cannot even fathom what his parents may be going through right now, but God knows all things and that's where I have to leave it.  Let's be honest, God's shoulders are broad enough to handle every one of our fears, frustrations, failures and needs.  I know I sure can't handle things by myself.

Tonight I took some time and went through some old framed pictures and through my old report cards and such.  Oh the memories!  I look at pictures of me as a little girl and I can hardly believe that same little girl was me.  I was so different then.  Pictures of my Mom...oh how I miss her!  With Mother's Day fast approaching, I know it's going to be a hard day.  I won't even get to celebrate with my mother-in-law on Mother's Day because they will be out of town.  I will just have to pray for the Lord to help get me through it.  Time to get ready for bed!  Have a great night!


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