Sunday, May 28th

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope everyone had a blessed day.  While the evening didn't go quite as planned last night, but today has been a good day with some family time and a nice long nap.  Tomorrow is going to be another day filled with some family time.  I have been reminded just how important my family is to me.  

Church services of late have been such a blessing.  Providing not only bread for the journey, but truly food for thought.  I know God has been meeting us where we are.  Some days you just need to have a little talk with the Master and know that His shoulders are broad enough to help carry the load.

Food hasn't been great of late and neither has my steps, but I am determined to move forward and make some progress with both.  I'm a work in progress and learning to live while working the plan.  Just one step at a time.  I hope everyone has a great night!



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