Saturday, May 6

What can I saw about today?  It was busy!  It was a good day and we got quite a bit done, but it was definitely busy.  DH and I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so we decided to run away for breakfast.  After breakfast was a trip to Lowe's and then home for a minute before rushing to the eye doctor.  He let me in on some interesting information...and suggested that I should switch to just an Omega-3 because the flaxseed oil I am taking also had pro-inflamatories.  He also said that wasn't helping my dry eye.  I have some new eye drops that I am trying for a bit.  Good news is that my right eye has improved while my left eye has gotten worse.  He did tell me that m optic nerves looked good.  Then off to Denison to continue working on the house so we can get it finished and our oldest and his bride can move in.  We accomplished getting several walls primered and I know that we are going to be sore tomorrow.  I must get some sleep.  Hope everyone has a great night!


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