Monday May 1st

I know it has been some time since I have posted.  I am determined to do better with that.  May is going to be a better month for me.  I went to weigh in this evening.  I currently weigh 198.6.  I know I have been here before, but I do have an NSV to share.  I know there are those of you that have been in the same boat, for years I wasn't able to cross my legs.  I was able to do that yesterday and kept my legs crossed for quite awhile before I even realized it.  I am determined to track my food try to move more this month.  It seems to be easy to let those bad habits slip back in.  

I was so excited last week to be in attendance at the Joy Conference for the UPCI North Texas Division.  It was such a great time!  I was able to hear some speakers that I had never heard before.  It is interesting to think that about all the changes that some of our elders have seen in their years.  I am hoping that I can share some of the tidbits that I learned from the services this month.  So many interesting thinks that Sis. Thetus Tenney shared that were truly food for thought.  Okay, so the one thing I haven't mentioned is that I want to try to check in each day in May.  I may not succeed, but this is one of my goals.  I hope everyone is doing well!


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