Memories Monday

Today proved to be a bit of a busy day, but it was a good day.  I didn't hit my steps and realized when I went to get my debit card out that I didn't have it. 😒  Thankful we had something I could snack on...unfortunately, it doesn't really count as lunch.  I had peanut butter filled pretzels.  We had planned for chili dogs for dinner, so while not entirely on plan, it was tasty.  I am glad that I made it through this day without pulling my hair out since it was the first day without my co-worker.

Last night, I was a bit emotional.  I decided that I would go through pictures from my Mom's.  We had many pictures taken together and there are many of just me.  Mom had also put my "school memories" book in there.  I ran across some great things including a "ribbon" award from 5th grade along with a program or two from my starring role as "Tailstar" written by my teacher.  Honestly, before she talked me into it, I don't think I would have tried out or even thought I was good at singing.  While I loved to sing even from a young age, I don't think I ever really thought I was good at it.  I also ran across this little gem awarded to me by Mrs. Linda Bullock, my Colorguard instructor:  

I shared this with her last night as well.  I think I really lacked confidence in my ability to twirl that flag.  I did enjoy it so much, but I didn't feel as confident in it as I should have.  Such wonderful memories that popped up even by seeing just a few things from my school days.  My Mom, like so many moms, wasn't able to keep each picture/card/letter, but the ones she kept brought back so many fond ones.  With Mother's Day fast approaching, I do miss my Mom like crazy, but I am so thankful I had her for as long as I did.

Tomorrow is another day to strive to hit my step goal and stay OP.  Hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful day!


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