Friday, May 5th

I have been so thankful that it's Friday all day!  We had a wonderful lunch at the office thanks to my bosses.  We enjoyed some tasty fajitas.  Many leftovers so I brought some of them home for the family,,,but there wasn't enough left for a full dinner so we had pizza for dinner.  I feel like I haven't caught up on my sleep since our fantastic women's conference last week.  It was really a great time.  

There are times that I really enjoy my Facebook memories and other days that I do not.  Yesterday it reminded me that it was 8 years ago that my sweet husband proposed.  Today, a picture of my Mom and I popped up.  I can honestly say that time changes friends used to tell me that I looked like Mom and one in particular, Sis. Kay Gilbert used to call me "little Linda".  Oh, I would go home just fuming!  Oddly enough, now, I love hearing people tell me that I looked like Mom.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I'm going to be glad to make some progress on my house.  I hope everyone has a great night and I look forward to checking in tomorrow!


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