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Wednesday, May 31st

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day!  My day was pretty good and we enjoyed a good Bible Study tonight at church.  I am so thankful for my church and my church family.  It is a blessing indeed.

Points-wise, I definitely went over.  I am proud that I tracked though.  Step wise, there was no 1 mile walk in the middle of the day but I did get my hourly steps in for most of the day and managed to hit my step goal this evening after church.  It was another busy day at work, which I am also thankful for.  I hope everyone has a great night, but I'm off to bed!

Tuesday, May 30th

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Tuesday!  While not a perfect day, I still feel pretty good about my choices.  Breakfast was a Trader Joe's Pretzel bagel with about a tablespoon of whipped cream cheese.  Lunch was a salad with .5 oz of shredded cheese, 3 oz. of ground beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, red bell pepper and about a tablespoon of dressing.  Snacks were a Golden Delicious apple with 1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter and about a cup to a cup and a half of grapes.  Dinner was Trader Joe's Sun-Dried tomato chicken sausage on a hot dog bun and about 1/2 cup of baked beans.  I am in debate on whether I want some Halo Top or not.  I did go to the store tonight while they are still on sale and stocked up on about 6 more.  I just can't see spending $6.00 for a small container of ice cream.  I did buy ice cream for DH and the kids as well.

I think I have made the decision to carry this everyday thing into June.  It seems to help me get and be accoun…

Monday, May 29th

Happy Monday friends!  I hope y'all had a blessed Memorial Day!  We had some great family time!  Some family that I don't get to see often.  I was happy to spend a few hours just hanging out and enjoying some delicious food.  I fixed s'mores bites and some s'mores dip with graham crackers.  It was really delicious, as was the burgers and the hot dogs and the fixings.  But the family time was definitely worth the extra calories that I ate today.   I am determined to make small changes this week.  I need to get a good handle on my cardio.  We are going to head to Colorado for vacation and I am determined to get up that mountain by myself!  I know I need to get back on board with Leslie Sansone...start from the beginning again with those 2 mile walks and throw in some strength training as well.  One positive change at a time, right?   I also want to take a moment to honor our fallen soldiers.  I better get some sleep!  Have a great night friends!

Sunday, May 28th

Happy Sunday friends!  I hope everyone had a blessed day.  While the evening didn't go quite as planned last night, but today has been a good day with some family time and a nice long nap.  Tomorrow is going to be another day filled with some family time.  I have been reminded just how important my family is to me.  

Church services of late have been such a blessing.  Providing not only bread for the journey, but truly food for thought.  I know God has been meeting us where we are.  Some days you just need to have a little talk with the Master and know that His shoulders are broad enough to help carry the load.

Food hasn't been great of late and neither has my steps, but I am determined to move forward and make some progress with both.  I'm a work in progress and learning to live while working the plan.  Just one step at a time.  I hope everyone has a great night!

Saturday, May 27th

It was a busy,  but productive day.   Although we got up late,  we did manage to get to Sherman and pick up tile for my house in Denison.  While we were there,  we found out they had a tax free sale for things that were tagged as certified Energy Saver, so purchased a new air conditioner unit as well.   We also made it to Guitar Center to pick up some items for the church.   It was a good day.

Friday, May 26th

So tired.

Thursday, May 25th

Wow!  This day has certainly not gone the way I planned, but it has been a good day!  We have been busy at work.  I would much rather be busy than bored for sure.  I am determined to get back into a workout routine aside from the walking I've been trying to do.  I haven't successfully managed to hit 5,000 steps this week, but I got close today.  There was just too much going on for me to take the time to walk.  With our new girl getting up to speed, I feel like I should be able to take walks soon.  I tried to make better choices today.  The one thing I do feel like I've done though is get more fruits and veggie in.  Okay, off to bed.  It's going to be a long day tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a fantastic Friday!

Wednesday, May 24th

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is doing well today.  It was a busy day at the office, but a good day.  It definitely makes the day go faster when you are busy.  It sure makes the day go quickly.  Since I'm going to sleep sitting here, I should call it a night.  Have a fantastic evening!

Tuesday, May 23rd

Good evening friends!  I must apologize for last night's post.  I literally sat here with the computer in my lap and dozed smooth off.  When my husband woke me up getting ready for bed, I just didn't have it in me to do more than put a picture in.  I've posted everyday in May, although a couple of times it's just been a picture.  

I have really been trying to do better with my eating.  I went over my points today, but still feel like I made some better choices today.  My breakfast wasn't the best choice, but lunch was a tasty salad with 0.5 oz of shredded cheese and 2.8 oz. of hamburger meat and 33 grams of Catalina.  Dinner was a roast (approximately 3 oz.), 2 King's Hawaiian rolls and Brussels Sprouts.  My plan is to have a salad again tomorrow, but perhaps with not so much dressing and such.  And I will definitely have more than a bacon, egg and cheese croissant for breakfast.  

My walking has definitely been lacking today.  We did get a new person hired and s…

Monday, May 22nd


Sunday, May 21st

Happy Sunday, friends!  I hope everyone has had a great Sunday thus far and a wonderful weekend!  I apologize that my posts have been short, but I have wound up falling asleep when I'm typing.  I think I just simply have not fully caught up on my sleep since the Women's Conference I went to, but I would not change that for anything!  I am wishing, however, that I had purchased more pencil skirts and now I need to order more for myself and for my daughter.  Today was lots of fun.  Church this morning and then shopping this afternoon with my daughter and my mother-in-law.  We had an overall successful trip.  I even got a new shirt out of the deal. 

This week, food-wise, hasn't been the best.  I did, however, got weigh in yesterday morning and am down 0.2 lbs this week.  I am really trying to check in at least once a week.  I am determined to make this week count.  I will be heading to the store tomorrow to get some fruits and veggies.  Hopefully I can get through tomorrow wit…

Saturday, May 20th

Today was a busy day.  Honestly,  it did not go as planned,  but it was good.   I hope everyone had a good day.

Friday, May 19th

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope everyone had a fantastic day!  It's been busy at the office, but a good day.  We slowed down enough at work that I was able sneak out a few minutes early.  That was kind of nice given the last couple of weeks. I am back to twice a week for the shots.  Not my idea of fun, but it sure helps!

Thursday, May 18th

Happy Thursday Friends!  I hope everyone had a great day.  Overall, a good day for me.  I am trying to do better with my goals.  Unfortunately, I don't have meals prepped, etc. at this point.  I am determined to try to make better choices.  I have hit almost 6,500 steps.  I also decided that today was the day to start my closet purge.  I got rid of quite a few clothes and shoes.  I know there is still much to do, but is definitely a start.  I want to go through my purses next and really look at what I can get rid of there as well.  I am feeling like I am making some progress.  I hope everyone has a great night!.    

Wednesday, May 17th

Happy Wednesday!  I checked in with my sweet friend who came into town for her son.  He is making amazing progress.  I thank God for his progress and pray that he continues to improve.  I moved into the office with the window today.  I better get to bed.  Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 16th

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic day!  Mine was busy but overall pretty good.  The move has begun and I should be in my office with a window by the time I get back from the doctor tomorrow.  I go to the allergy doctor tomorrow morning for a reevaluation. I just hope that we are making some headway.  I just hope that I can get comfortable in there.  

I hit about 5,800 steps today, but it seemed like more.  My food wasn't all that great, but I listened to my body and stopped when I was full.  I really need to run to the store tomorrow evening on the way home to pick up a couple of things so I can get dinner done before church.  One of the days, I hope it happens soon, things are going to calm down a little bit and I can get some meals prepared and frozen.  I am going to call it a night!  Have a blessed night!

Monday, May 15th

Just tired

Sunday, May 14th

First off, Happy Mother's Day friends!  This is my first Mother's Day without my Mom.  I won't lie and say it hasn't been emotional or that she hasn't been on my mind.  I miss her dreadfully and, honestly, I did not realize quite how much it hurt those friends who no longer had their mothers here on earth.  It is very real to me today.  I know the firsts will continue to be difficult and that there are going to be good days and bad days.  

Church was a blessing today.  I am so thankful for my church family.  They have been through so much with me.  My Mom's illness and hospitalization to her passing.  They have prayed with me and for me.  I honestly don't think I could get through this without Him and my church family.

This weekend has been a good one.  Tomorrow I will likely post some additional memories.  There are so many I have floating around and some of them are not anything super special, or at least they weren't at the time, but now they are since…

Saturday, May 13th

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!  DH and I woke up early and ran some errands.  This included making a trip to Weight Watchers to go weigh in.   I was not able to go to my regular meeting since DD had a concert.  Even though I haven't been following the plan like I need to and have been drinking far too much Dr Pepper, I still managed to lose about a half a pound.  We did manage to pick up what we needed to make the taco salad for DD's birthday.  We had a pretty good turnout for the party and we enjoyed the ice cream pizza.  It was pretty tasty.  It was a good day and we had lots of fun including playing a little frisbee out back with my sweet husband.  I got 7700 steps.  My food wasn't great, but I enjoyed the day.  The fact of the matter is that there are going to be celebrations, etc. on this journey and we need to learn to navigate them.  I hope everyone had a great night!

Friday, May 12th

It was a long but busy day.  A day that reminds me to be thankful for what I have.  I am blessed to have employers that try to take care of me.  I have a tendency not to stop and take a break when I need to, but today, they bought me lunch and made me stop for a bit.  I am feeling the effects of the longer hours this past week, but I need to get back to working from 8:30 to 5.  I suspect I will be working a little longer next week as well.  I made a pretty good choice for lunch, but my choice for dinner was not so great.  At least I didn't eat all of it.  Tomorrow will be a busy day for sure with our daughter's party and such.  I am hoping that I can take some time on Mother's day to rest a bit.  I hope everyone has a great night!

Thursday, May 11th

Wow!  Where has the week gone?  I feel like it's just flown by!  I have been so tired last night that I could not even keep my eyes open to really even write my blog last night, but I didn't want to give up my EverydayinMay streak.  Yesterday I felt good about listening to what the Lord put on my heart and inviting my friend from out of town to Bible Study last night.  Honestly, we simply don't know when or why God puts us in someone's life.  I am certain that neither my friend nor I anticipated when we became Facebook friends that we would ever be in a situation where we would meet in person.  God truly works in mysterious ways.  I am thankful for our friendship.  

As Mother's Day approaches, I am missing my Mom, but I am truly thankful for the time that I had with her.  She did so many things for so many people, even those that others might have turned their noses up at, but she chose to help.  I love her so much and miss her constantly.  She was my touch stone an…

Wednesday, May 10th

Today was a busy but good day.  Work was busy but not overwhelming so.  I was so far from my step goal today, but I got to meet a friend here for not so great reasons.  Her son is hospitalized here and she came into see him.  She was telling God she wanted to go to church and He has laid that very burden on my heart.  Funny thing is that I'm not sure when we first became FB friends that either of us anticipated that we would meet in person.  But God knew what He was doing!  He laid it on my heart and the desire on hers.  I hope everyone had a great day!

Tuesday, May 9th

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you have had a fantastic day!  Mine was pretty busy.  I am happy that things seem to be moving in a positive direction at work.  I only hit a little over 4,000 steps today and while my food was not 100%, I feel confident that things are looking up.  I do not seem to be able to eat as much at one time, so I know my stomach is shrinking.  

While I can say it was busy, my DD14 sent me a message and told me that she needed a blue jean skirt that came below her knee for her concert this week.  I would have liked more notice with the busy day today.  As luck would have it, we went to one thrift store and managed to find her a couple of new skirts and a couple of new skirts for me.  I found a JAG Jeans blue jean skirt for only $3.99. Based on what I found online that was a really good deal!  Tomorrow is a new day and we'll have more help tomorrow!  Have a great night!  Until we meet again tomorrow...good night!

Memories Monday

Today proved to be a bit of a busy day, but it was a good day.  I didn't hit my steps and realized when I went to get my debit card out that I didn't have it. 😒  Thankful we had something I could snack on...unfortunately, it doesn't really count as lunch.  I had peanut butter filled pretzels.  We had planned for chili dogs for dinner, so while not entirely on plan, it was tasty.  I am glad that I made it through this day without pulling my hair out since it was the first day without my co-worker.

Last night, I was a bit emotional.  I decided that I would go through pictures from my Mom's.  We had many pictures taken together and there are many of just me.  Mom had also put my "school memories" book in there.  I ran across some great things including a "ribbon" award from 5th grade along with a program or two from my starring role as "Tailstar" written by my teacher.  Honestly, before she talked me into it, I don't think I would have tr…

Sunday, May 7th

I have to tell you that today was pretty awesome.  We had an amazing move of God at church this morning.  I went this morning determined to praise the Lord after the past week and what I know is coming tomorrow.  My co-worker's last day was Friday.  I know working in the coming week is definitely going to be a change of pace.  Yesterday was super busy and I feel like we got much done, even if it wasn't all that I wanted to get done.  I am pretty sore today, but I am looking forward to tomorrow.  

The Lord works in ways we may not be able to understand.  I have a friend/classmate whose son was shot.  Things are not looking great for him right now, but if you pray, please pray for this family and this young man who was shot.  I cannot even fathom what his parents may be going through right now, but God knows all things and that's where I have to leave it.  Let's be honest, God's shoulders are broad enough to handle every one of our fears, frustrations, failures and ne…

Saturday, May 6

What can I saw about today?  It was busy!  It was a good day and we got quite a bit done, but it was definitely busy.  DH and I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so we decided to run away for breakfast.  After breakfast was a trip to Lowe's and then home for a minute before rushing to the eye doctor.  He let me in on some interesting information...and suggested that I should switch to just an Omega-3 because the flaxseed oil I am taking also had pro-inflamatories.  He also said that wasn't helping my dry eye.  I have some new eye drops that I am trying for a bit.  Good news is that my right eye has improved while my left eye has gotten worse.  He did tell me that m optic nerves looked good.  Then off to Denison to continue working on the house so we can get it finished and our oldest and his bride can move in.  We accomplished getting several walls primered and I know that we are going to be sore tomorrow.  I must get some sleep.  Hope everyone has a great night!

Friday, May 5th

I have been so thankful that it's Friday all day!  We had a wonderful lunch at the office thanks to my bosses.  We enjoyed some tasty fajitas.  Many leftovers so I brought some of them home for the family,,,but there wasn't enough left for a full dinner so we had pizza for dinner.  I feel like I haven't caught up on my sleep since our fantastic women's conference last week.  It was really a great time.  

There are times that I really enjoy my Facebook memories and other days that I do not.  Yesterday it reminded me that it was 8 years ago that my sweet husband proposed.  Today, a picture of my Mom and I popped up.  I can honestly say that time changes friends used to tell me that I looked like Mom and one in particular, Sis. Kay Gilbert used to call me "little Linda".  Oh, I would go home just fuming!  Oddly enough, now, I love hearing people tell me that I looked like Mom.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I'm going to be glad to make some…

Thursday, May 4th

Today, overall, was a good day.  I am saddened to realize that tomorrow will be the last day that I officially get to work with my coworker of the last 3.5 years.  She is leaving the firm after about 16.5 years.  For those of you that know me, I am not a big fan of change.  I know it will be better for her in the long run.  

Today, I was listening to "Unstuffed" by Ruth Soukup.  For me, it seemed to really help things click.  We are trying to pick a weekend this month to try to work on being "Unstuffed".  I need to organize and purge a lot of things.  Since Mom passed in October, having to contend with her stuff is not what I intended, but it's necessary.  There was also a section about friendship and she made some very valid points there too.  Including the fact that relationships are intentional.  You have to give grace sometimes as well as receiving it.  As I was listening to her book today, she said some things that fell in line with some of the things that …

Wednesday, May 3rd

It was a busy day, not crazy busy like yesterday but still busy.  It is my younger son's birthday today.  He wanted a burger so after church we headed to Kenny's Burger Joint to get him a Black and Blue Burger.  I do love Kenny's!  Point-wise it was not bad early on in the day, but this evening has probably gone by the wayside after a portion of cheese fries (with bacon and green onions on top of all that delicious...err...horrible cheese.  Seriously, they were delicious and I enjoyed them.  Thankfully, however, I won't really feel the need to have them again for a good while.  I did have a bacon cheeseburger.  I'm trying to listen to my body and give up before I get too full.  Picking one battle at a time.  My walking was not too great either.  Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.  Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, May 2nd

You know when you have one of those days where you have the best of intentions, but things just don't seem to go your way?  Yep, today was that for me.  I am finally sitting down to draft my blog and to get my food logged.  To be honest, I had two sandwiches today so I suspect it was not my best Point day.  It was super busy at work as a co-worker had a family emergency and was unexpectedly out of the office.  

Did anyone else take advantage of the $1.00 sandwich for Jimmy John's customer appreciation day?  There was a line, but they managed to get us in quicker than anticipated.

10,000 steps was not happening today with my co-worker being out and I barely had time to run across the hall.  Tomorrow is another day!  I hope everyone had a fantastic night and has a great Wednesday!  Until we meet again...

Monday May 1st

I know it has been some time since I have posted.  I am determined to do better with that.  May is going to be a better month for me.  I went to weigh in this evening.  I currently weigh 198.6.  I know I have been here before, but I do have an NSV to share.  I know there are those of you that have been in the same boat, for years I wasn't able to cross my legs.  I was able to do that yesterday and kept my legs crossed for quite awhile before I even realized it.  I am determined to track my food try to move more this month.  It seems to be easy to let those bad habits slip back in.  

I was so excited last week to be in attendance at the Joy Conference for the UPCI North Texas Division.  It was such a great time!  I was able to hear some speakers that I had never heard before.  It is interesting to think that about all the changes that some of our elders have seen in their years.  I am hoping that I can share some of the tidbits that I learned from the services this month.  So many i…