Try It Tuesday, March 7th

Do you have a Kroger card?  Have you participated in the Free Download Friday electronic coupons?  I can't say I have tried all of the things that have showed up, but I recently took advantage of the free Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip that they offered during that promotion.  I also took advantage of a sale at Tom Thumb and purchased some different flavors, which got me a rebate on Ibotta.  Since I've been doing well with my meal planning this week and pre-tracking, I realized I was going to end the day with far too many Smart Points left and wouldn't get my blue tracking dot for the day.  Left with this dilemma, I promptly went to the refrigerator to see what we had that would use up a chunk of those remaining Smart Points.  While this one is rather high on the Smart Points scale coming in at 9 Smart Points per serving, I had them to use.  

Here's my take on it.  I'm not certain quite what I expected, but it did have the salty sweet flavor that you so often get with salted caramel anything.  It had a good flavor and I needed the crunch.  It was a nice change of pace, but definitely not something I could do everyday since it would definitely cause a hit to my daily Smart Point budget of 30.

Would I recommend it?  Sure would!  It's got a good flavor to it and definitely scratch the itch for something sweet, but not being too over powering.  The downside for me, was that it was a lower fat variety.  I have really been leaning more towards whole foods and whole milk.  It helps me to stay satisfied longer, I have found.  And I know with the full fat products, they are not having to put things in there to keep the taste similar to their higher fat counterparts.  I was excited to see that they do, in fact, have several with whole milk options.  


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