TRY IT TUESDAY, February 14th

My apologies for not keeping up with my posts, but I never found the time.  Last week, we decided to try going meatless all week at dinnertime.  I tried several recipes last week, but I wound up letting my husband handle this one.  We used this recipe as our "base":  Black Beans and Rice.  We truly took the recipe's suggestion to "use what you have on hand" to heart.  We used brown rice and omitted the corn as we have a family member that is allergic.  We replaced this with some riced broccoli.  Have you tried this?  I love mixing it in to things for an added veggie boost.  I have also used the Cauliflower rice to make some of my recipes lower in Smart Points in place of regular rice.  How do you bulk up your recipes?

Here's a picture of the broccoli rice: 


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