As I was reading through my bloglovin list earlier this week, I ran across a blog entitled After Reaching 79.5 Pounds, Jessica Knew It Was Time to Get Help.  This honestly reminded me of a time in my life that I had forgotten about.  I can relate to Jessica's story.  I went through a period in my life where I would starve myself or only eat maybe once a day or so some crazy diet that was popular at the time or I would take a laxative after I would binge.  Looking back on it now, I can see how easily a person can fall into that trap.  I had success with Weight Watchers in the 90's after my son was born and again shortly before my grandmother passed away.  If I'm honest, while I had success, I really didn't make those lifestyle changes that are necessary to have lasting weight loss.  I am really focusing on making lifestyle changes this time.  This time it's different for me.  I focusing on making choices that I can live with forever.  I am also trying to focus on eating more real food instead of processed foods.  I only really buy them when I'm craving and I seem to be able to only eat a small amount of it and I'm okay.  The perfect story about this right now is that I was craving Oreo cookies, but I used my Weight Watchers app and figured the SmartPoints for them.  I decided to go with the Oreo Thins because their were less SmartPoints.  I can, however, limit my intake to one or two and not feel the need to go back for 6 or 8.  I am hoping that I can get some cookies made soon so that I can curb my sweet craving while still making some good choices.

I recently read an article about a woman that had always struggled with her weight and then ultimately used meth as a weight loss too, along with some harder drugs.  She has ultimately decided that because of her addictive tendencies that she should not have white flour, sugar and that she should only eating at meals and control her quantities.  I found her suggestion very interesting and honestly, I can understand that for those people who cannot resist.  There is a time in my life that abstinence, which is what she does for herself, would have made more sense for me.  She has a book coming out in March.  If you are interested in her story, you can find it here

I know we have all had these sorts of situations in our lives.  There are so many similarities that I see between myself and these women.  I am thankful, however, that I have never gone to quite those same extremes.  


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