As I stated yesterday, I am really trying to set small goals for myself to enable me to hit my goal.  I am proud that while I haven't hit the rec center to work out, I've been hitting my step goals each weekday and sometimes exceed.  I have been tracking what I eat, even if it isn't always the lowest in SmartPoints and that's big for me.  In the past, I have thought that if I didn't track it, it would be like I didn't eat it.  I know that the only person that I hurt by doing that was myself.  I have cheated myself out of being healthier because I was lying to myself.  

In January, I lost a total of 4.0 pounds.  That's about a pound a week on average.  Could I have done better?  Possibly, but this time I want this to stick.  If that means that I'm going slower, then so be it.  Tonight I weighed in at 197.  That means I have gained 0.8 pounds this week and have lost 3.2 so far this year.  I could focus on the scale and whine about the number, but I refuse to get sucked in.  I am proud of the fact that I have tracked and I have hit my step goals and beyond several days.  I plan to continue that this week, as well as trying to watch the sodium content in what I eat.


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