Memories of Mom Monday, Jan. 23rd

As I am fairly new to the bulk meal prepping bandwagon, I can definitely understand why the books I read said to write down your plan.  I was reminded this weekend of my Mom's meal plans.  She was amazing when I was younger about fixing something for us that while it may have been the same base to it.  For example, I recall her making pinto beans and cornbread.  Then the pinto beans may be had as leftovers or she would make chili beans.  We would use the chili beans to make Frito Pie or put the chili on baked potatoes.  I wish I had the ability to think of things that way.  Honestly, I could have beans and cornbread (especially Mom's special cornbread) for days and not get bored.  But my family is not entirely in agreement there.  I recall my Mom's special cornbread was posted in a PTA cookbook when I was in 2nd grade.  I know things like that seem to have gone by the wayside since the internet and Pinterest have made it so easy to search for recipes.  Although, admittedly it is one of those things that I love collecting when I can find them.  One of the things that I took pleasure in, while my Mom wasn't always a big "follow the recipe" kind of gal, she threw in what she thought would sound good.  One of the things that I asked my Mom for years ago was her recipe for meatloaf and she sent it to me via email.  I still have a copy of that in my recipe book.  It makes me smile when I look at it.  However, I have since made it my own.  I substitute the "sleeve of saltines" with panko and ketchup with tomato sauce.  Although some things that Mom made, I enjoy just the way she made them, like her Goulash.  My daughter is definitely in agreement there.

What about you, do you have "family recipes" that you have made your own?  Do you think of loved ones that have passed when you make them?


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