Try It Tuesday, Nov. 15th

I have decided to try something new, pun intended, and right now, I'm trying to find a way to decrease the amount of time that I am spending putting together my green smoothie each morning.  I am open for suggestions.  

I am starting with a suggestion that I read in a blog about someone that freezes their smoothies.  I prepared 4 smoothies on Saturday.  Two were mixed antioxidant fruit green smoothies and two were cherry green smoothies.  The first thing that I figured out is that it generally takes longer for my frozen smoothies to thaw.  I have found that it has been taking about 2 days for them to thaw completely.  Things I noticed about the one I had this morning are that it was not as flavorful as the fresh ones.  It also had clumps in it.  I decided to run it through the blender again and added a couple of chocolate chips and a little more ginger.  It was still not as flavorful, but it was tolerable.  I will try a different way next week.  I've seen different ways to speed the process on various different blogs.  While I may not try them all, I'm definitely going to find something that will speed the process for me in the mornings.  It may be as simple as I need to prepare it the night before.


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