Memories of Mom, Nov. 21st

Happy Monday!  This memory may be a rather mundane one, but it popped in my head this morning and I felt like it was necessary to share.  While my Mom didn't go to church when I was a youngster other than on holidays, she made sure that I made it there if I did not stay the night with my Nanny.  We had a ritual of sorts on those Sunday mornings.  We got up early enough that I could get ready for church and we would go by Jack in the Box and grab a Breakfast Jack and orange juice.  We would sit in the church parking lot and eat breakfast and talk until time for me to go in for church.  It may not seem like much, but those were some great mornings.  Honestly, I cannot seem to eat anything from Jack in the Box these days.  I suspect that as I have been trying to eat more real food, it seems that my tastes have changed so it no longer tastes good to me.  

I was reminded again this weekend how much I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking for my family.  I can still remember those times when my Mom would get in a creative mood and she would make things that I would never have imagined.  She would make beans and then she would add things to it and we could have different things in different ways.  It may turn into chili that we would use for baked potatoes or we would make a variation of Frito pie.  Oh this were good times and I miss those times with my Mom.  This Thursday will be my first Thanksgiving without her and I will miss her terribly, but I will appreciate the traditions that my family and I share, some of which have been carried through our family for years and some are revival of past traditions.  I am so thankful for these times with family and nothing can replace those.


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