Take Control Tuesday, October 4th

I completely realize that I have been hit and miss for quite some time.  With everything going on with my Mom, which is still ongoing, and family stuff, taking time to blog hasn't been top priority.  I have to admit that I am excited about the changing seasons.  I am looking forward to some soups and, honestly, getting back on plan.  After surgery last year and then all of this happening with my Mom, I have realized that I truly need to figure out how to meal plan and meal prep in a way that works for me and my family.  I am feeling a little better about this now than even just a few weeks ago.  I realized that I am excited (did I just type that?) about meal planning and trying new recipes with my family.  This is truly an opportunity to focus what I am eating.  My crock-pots definitely get a workout during this time of the year as well.  So many tasty recipes on Pinterest to try and ways to help me get organized, which I plan on making good use of for both my office and my home.  I need to start making use my Weight Watcher membership.  I haven't been checking in at any meetings for awhile and I need to fix that.  

My "take control" goals for next week:

1. Track
2. Meal Plan dinner


  1. Yay! I still haven't gotten in on the meal prep idea. My taste change daily and I can't understand how to eat with variety when meal planning.

    I love that you're excited by it and like you I'm super excited for soups lol. Oh this is Poetry, name change on here. 😁

  2. I like that you call them "take control" goals. What is your username on the WW app? Mine is superstepmom6. We can follow each other on the Connect feature :)


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