Weight Loss Wednesday, May 4th

I recently saw this article pop up on FaceBook about The Biggest Loser on the NYTimes webpage entitled After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight.  Honestly, Danny Cahill was one of my favorite contestants ever.  I hate that he has gained back his weight, but it honestly explains a lot about several of the previous contestants and their weight gain.  I then read the Snack Girl blog about the study.  I have to say I agree with Lisa's statement: "Society also has a long way to go to accept people of different sizes."   As a whole, society tends to frown or look down at those who have weight issues.  From time to time, even I have found myself passing a judgment against people who are bigger than myself.  It is something that I struggle with and I get frustrated with myself for judging anyone even in my head.  

For me, this is a big reminder to myself not to beat myself up over regaining my weight.  I lost between 40 and 50 lbs. before on Weight Watchers and then I gained weight back with the stress, etc. before my wedding.  In order to lose the weight again, I just need to focus on what I know I need to do and make time for workouts again.  To that end, I need to get back to incorporating strength training again.  It definitely makes me really aware as to why there are so many different diets and workouts, etc.  I have said for awhile that you need to figure out what works for you and your body because we are all different.  What works for one person may not work for me or for you, but metabolism is so very important.  I wish you well in figuring out what works for you, but please bear in mind that we don't need to be too hard on ourselves in the process of trying to figure out what works for us.


  1. I need to check out that article. I always said the rapid loss in that show will be hard to maintain for most. I do love the show however. Yet the Australian version is a slower process and they show the food classes. By the finally the average person is a 12 or 14. Those contestants maintain the loss longer and continued success after the show more than the U.S. contestants. I do think strength training is beneficial, especially for toning and increased metabolism and you don't need to be a weight lifter to achieve success.

  2. Our society seems to adore making fun of people and celebrating those who gain weight back too, like they were just waiting for them to fail. It's sad. I lost nearly 50 pounds and have gained all of it back, and I am starting all over again and trying my best not to keep focusing on how I failed. I want to focus on how I'm going to succeed this time.


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