Finding Myself Friday, Feb. 5th

So much has been going on this week.  I have been reflecting over what I have done or need to do better.  I know I really need to get more consistent at tracking.  I started out well, but have gotten complacent.  I know what I need to do.  I really appreciate the fact that I am finally realizing that this is truly about my choices.  I think that I need to be more consistent with my meal prep as well.  

I have probably done a little too much this week because my ankle has been consistently swelling at night.  I am still tracking my steps and giving myself a star sticker if I have successfully managed to hit my step goal.  I have been pretty consistent about that this week.

As I stated the other day, I went way overboard with my food over the weekend.  I almost used my "no weigh in" pass last night but decided that I needed to face the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was shocked, but excited that I didn't gain.  I maintained this week.  I am still at 199.0.  It is definitely time to regroup and refocus for the coming week.  Although, honestly, I feel like I am taking it one meal/snack at a time.  If I can string several of those together, then I will have a good day and several of those means a good week.  One step at a time, I will get to my goal.  Have a blessed Friday!


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