Finding Myself Friday: Feb. 12th

Here’s my Friday update: I am down 0.8 lbs. this week.  While it may not be as much of a loss as some, it is still a loss AND the even more important thing for me this week is that I tracked every meal every day!  I am proud of that fact.  I am, however, pondering changing my strength training goals for the moment.  I was reminded this week that I need to have a little bit of wiggle room in the event of an emergency.  My DS15 ran into a car while riding his bike and that was a scary situation, but we wound up spending a fair bit of time in the ER and I had such a headache when it was over.  I do not want to set myself up for feeling like a failure.  At the present, I think I may adjust it for 2 times per week and continuing to hit my step goal, which is still changing from week to week.   I know I need to focus a little more on my food intake in the coming week.   At present, I am 7.6 pounds down from my highest weight.   I am not sure how the meal plan will work for next week, but it will be okay.  I have Monday off so there will definitely be a chance to get in a workout and get some meals prepped.  


  1. Omg I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to know he's okay and hopefully it didn't shake you up too bad. Here's to next week!

  2. Great job losing 0.8 pound! And so glad he is okay after the bike accident. I imagine that was very stressful, so great job not turning it into emotional eating.


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