So, I had my first gain since starting the new program.  I gained 1.8 as of my weigh in last night.  My weight is currently 202.8 lbs.  While I am not thrilled with the scale going in the wrong direction, I know I can’t focus on that.  I can only move forward.  For me, moving forward means meal prepping/meal planning.  I am honestly pondering moving back to Simply Filling so that I can write down my food in my 12 week journal without worrying about how many Smart Points it is other than the occasional treat.  I feel like that may work for me right now, but I haven’t decided completely yet.  That may need to be my focus during the day and have whatever is planned for dinner with my family.  I know I just need to tweak this program to work for me.

Goals for this week:

  • MEAL PREP tomorrow.  This will include carrots, eggs, and veggies.
  • Trying to hit my step goal 5 days out of 7.
  • Focus on my water intake.

 What are your goals for this week?  


  1. Moving forward is smart. My goals this week are to work out each day at least 30 minutes and to have a loss this week instead of a gain!


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