Thrilled Thursday, December 31st

Honestly, you would think as long as I have been on this journey that I would know that what I may expect on the scale isn't always what I will get when I step on the scale.  I was shocked and surprised last night to step on the scale and realize that I had not gained, as expected, but lost just under a pound!  I have determined that for me that tracking is key, but I was thrilled to see that number go in the right direction.  I am back to tracking though.  

As I have decided that 2016 will be my year to meet my weight loss goal, I decided that I wanted more than just the FitBit One.  After discussion with my husband because of the expense, it was agreed that I could get the FitBit Surge.  Because I know I have an issue with change, I didn't replace the One, but added the Surge as an additional device.  I figured out this morning that I believe they are feeding off each other.  I had the One on before I finished set up for the Surge, but they show the same step count.  We'll see how things go, but I'm excited.  I am not, however, rushing to try to hit 10,000 steps since I'm still healing after ankle surgery.  I am following my physical therapist's advice and building up again gradually.  To that end, I have been passing on challenges that are not "Goal Day" challenges simply because I am concerned that my competitive side will kick in and I will overdo it and wind up hurting myself.

My goals are still works in progress, but definitely include the ones I posted yesterday.
  • Meal Planning/Meal Prepping 
  • Tracking 
  • Continue with my weight loss/workout buddies.
  • Focus on staying OP in an unstructured environment
Hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous new year!


  1. My plan is to reach my goal weight in 2016 too! Let's do this! Happy New Year :)


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