Making Memories Monday - December 7th

We had so much fun (and definitely some work) for the church float for the Allen Christmas parade after church.  There was some frustration, but overall I think most everyone enjoyed the fellowship with our church family.  Looking back, I know the kids will have some great memories of our fun afternoon.  This reminded me to focus on some memories that I have from my childhood.  Yes, I remember preparing for parades when I was in Colorguard/flag corps, but I also remember great times when we got together with Aunt Karen to make candy or time spent with my mom playing Yahtzee or card games or making Christmas ornaments while singing Christmas carols together.  These were some of the greatest memories that I have and I hope to make more great memories with my children. 

I have not gotten the new information for the changes to Weight Watchers, but I am determined to give it my best shot!  Hoping to get back to meal planning this week!  Happy Monday!


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