Making a better ME Monday, December 28, 2015

I was reminded this holiday weekend that I do better when I’m in a structured environment.  Home is not overly structured for me.  I need to work on that.  To that end, I feel like I went a little off the rails.  I have planned/packed lunch and snacks today.    I also pre-tracked lunch and snacks when I tracked breakfast.  I am hoping to get things planned ahead again this week so that I can spend some time cooking on Saturday.  This will help me be prepared for the coming week.  It was a good holiday though.  DS25 was able to spend the holiday with us, which is rare these days.    It was definitely enjoyable. 

I am pretty proud of the fact that when I weighed in on Thursday morning, I lost another 2 pounds.  I am down a total of 4 pounds since starting the new WW SmartPoints plan.  It is definitely helping me to re-focus on meal planning and packing my lunch and trying to make sure I meal plan and meal prep for my family.   I started out at 205.8 pounds and am currently at 201.8 pounds as of my last weigh in.  This was not me being perfect, but I did try to plan for treats.  I am not sure what to expect with the scale this week, but it is what it is.  I can’t change my decisions from the past, only the ones going forward.  

My primary goal is that I will go into the new year with a positive attitude and not procrastinating about my health.  What are you wanting from the new year?


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