I know I disappeared for a short period.  Things have been a little hectic for me with everything going on…the holidays, holiday get-togethers, physical therapy, the Weight Watchers new program reveal, etc.  There is just so much to do.   I am honestly excited about Beyond the Scale.  One of the things I am struggling with is tracking honestly.  I know if I am not honest in my tracking that I am only cheating myself.  My body shows my food journal accurately whether I write it down accurately or not, wouldn’t it be better to KNOW what I did or didn’t do when I look back?  I know I have done it before when I first started Weight Watchers too many months ago to even want to admit to, so I know I can do it now.  I’ve just gotten into some bad habits, which HAVE TO STOP.  After weighing myself last Wednesday (I couldn’t weigh in on my normal Thursday and I only weigh on the official scale if I can help it), I was at an all-time high weight.  Last night, I headed to my meeting location to meet my friend/accountability partner and saw some friends that were concerned because I hadn’t been in for months.  It was a little difficult with the sprain/then surgery and all.  I certainly didn’t want to go weigh in with that big old boot on.  I am down 2.2 pounds this week.  I’m proud of that since I was not OP every day, but was trying to focus on tracking consistently and meal planning.

Here are other things I am finding out about myself.  I do much better when I am prepared.   I truly enjoy putting together meals for my family and felt like I’d accomplished something when we weren’t scrambling to figure out what we could have each night.  I had meals prepared, so we just had to decide what we wanted to eat.  Also, that there are simply things that I will not compromise on, like the fact that I don’t want to choose a “fat free” food because in order to make it fat free, they had to add something to it.  I am trying to focus on more real foods and not just look at the SmartPoints.  It is not worth it for me to get to goal, just to make myself sick because of all the things I couldn’t pronounce that I put in my body. 

I talked to them at physical therapy about how to set up my step goal.  This week it has been at 2,700 and I suspect it will increase significantly next week, but I have been told to take it slow so I don’t hurt myself again.  I have been told to make sure that I am elevating and icing my ankle as it is still swelling.

Goals for this week:

Continue to track accurately and honestly.
Meal Prep/Plan.
Hit my step goal.


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