Throw Back Thursday/Looking back at my history..

Is it just me or do you also look fondly back on the past?  This morning I was reminded of something I had put out of my mind for many years.  This picture that randomly appeared in my Facebook feed reminded me of memories from my past.  Specifically with my Nanny sitting on her front porch shelling peas or snapping green beans, these are things I haven't done or been around in years.  They are fond memories indeed.  I am finding as I am getting older that I want to learn the things that I remember my elders doing like crocheting and quilting and sewing and canning and gardening.  Some of these things seem like they are lost arts to me.  Most of my family that used to do those things have passed, but I still long to be sitting in the room with my great aunts and grandmother quilting or with my Nanny when she's working in the garden.  I am thankful for those memories and thankful for the memories that I'm making with my children.  

What memories do you have with your family?  Do you also wish you'd picked up those skills from your elder family members?

Hope everyone has a blessed Thursday! 


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