Move Forward Monday - 11/30

So after some further thought last week, I know that eating out so often at lunch is not helping me at all.  So today, although perhaps not the best lunch, I had a serving of 7 can soup for lunch.  I definitely want to start eating cleaner and limiting so much canned food, but this is what we have right now.  

I do hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a busy, but good Thursday and Friday.  This weekend makes me even more thankful for my sweet husband.  He drove both days.  Considering we saw 2 accidents less than a half mile between them, it made me even more thankful that my husband is a defensive driver.  Friday was a day spent with more family and old friends.  I know my mom enjoyed the time together.  I am hoping that we can make it happen a little more often than it has been since she moved in with us.  She's definitely a little more mobile than she was initially.

I did manage to get some cycling done today.  I am not going over the time limit given to me, but I'm wanting to improve on that slowly.  I did bring lunch so that was one less thing I needed to purchase today.  I have snacks, but have been a little concerned about eating them since I wasn't overly hungry.  Hoping to get some things done this evening.  


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