It has been too long!

I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I have blogged.  So much has happened since I've been baby dog, Daisy passed away, I had what they kept saying was a sprain and ultimately wound up having surgery on my left ankle.  I have now started Physical Therapy and I'm excited to finally be getting back on my feet, literally.  I have truly missed cooking and baking for my family.  

I have spent my time off my feet reading a lot.  I have recommitted to making time for myself, my family and my journey.  I have determined that I truly need to get back in the habit of carrying a planner and writing everything down again.  Not just my food and special events, but even daily events.  I think it will help me feel more in control and aware of what I need to be aware of, kid events, etc.  I have also started trying to make meal plans/meal prepping plans so that we don't wind up in this situation again.  By this situation, I mean where someone is sick and someone else has to take over their duties.  It's been hard on my sweet husband.  I am thankful for him, more than I can even put into words.  I know he is looking very forward to me being able to cook and bake again.  He has said as much.

I am hoping that I can get back to posting consistently again!  Happy hump day!


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