Thinking Out Loud Thursday, August 13th

Wow!  Sometimes I have quotes that just hit me like a ton of bricks and this was one of them.  I have been struggling with this the last few workouts.  My body aches and my legs will feel like they are going to cramp up and my breath feels like I just can't get enough...but I give myself a pep talk while I'm on that machine and tell myself...hey you only have 7 minutes did 30 minutes yesterday or the day before or whatever.  Sometimes it really is mental for me just to get me there.  I was hoping to do Zumba yesterday, but, well, it simply didn't happen.  Life got in the way, but I am planning to try to make it next week.  If I plan ahead, I can make it happen, right?

This morning started out very frustrating,  but I am trying to turn it around.   I did decide that, instead of a rest day,  which I normally take on Thursday because if weigh in, I am walking for 30 minutes and going to do a few sets of squats,  lunges and calf raises.   I am a work in progress.   Saturday, I may not get in an official workout because we have so much going on, so I am planning for it just in case.  

Okay, I could be so very disappointed tonight after weigh in, but I refuse to let the number on the scale define me.  I am focusing on the positive things that I did this week.  I meal planned/prepped this week.  I tried to track more consistently and focused on getting the good health guidelines in.  I also made a point to workout consistently and added strength training.  These will all ultimately get me to my goal...focusing solely on that number on the scale, does not.  Yes, the struggle is real, but I am focusing on what I need to do and moving forward.  I was also reminded by one of my weight loss buddies that I need to measure so I'm going to try to have my husband help me with that.  Hope everyone has a great night!  


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