Talk It Out Tuesday, August 4th

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple of days.  Honestly, my body has just been tired.  If you have read my last couple of blogs, you may be aware that I have decided to go back to basics.  I think that remembering how I was when I started and when things were new, will help.  So far, I have to say even though my focus this week is on something else; it seems to be helping across the board. I am making better choices.  This morning I was reading my devotional and I was reminded that I need to let go of my expectations.  When I do that, my focus will change and I will be free to “let go and let God”, as my Pastor has said many times. 

Honestly, I realized something earlier that had not occurred to me until recently.  I have stopped focusing on the traditional “meals”.  I still do that for dinner (other than breakfast for dinner), but I seem to be focusing on what I have on hand that will sustain me.  For instance, yesterday I had 2 cucumbers and avocado hummus for lunch.  Today, I had a boiled egg, 1 cup of carrots and avocado hummus for lunch.  I could have ordered a sandwich or gotten a salad from Subway, but I choose not to because I was satisfied with what I had eaten.  It is interesting to me to note my mind shift.

I am excited to see if my progress shows on the scale, but to be honest, I simply feel better.  I am moving more, perhaps not as much as I truly need to, but moving nonetheless.  At least that is a start in the right direction.  Although my meal prepping/planning isn’t going quite as I had planned, I did cook some eggs in the oven this morning and will try to make “Mom-lets” tonight and will hopefully have some other sort of protein besides eggs to help me out.


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