Thinkin' Out Loud Thursday, July 16th

I know it has been a bit since I have posted a blog on here. I'm really trying to get a different level of accountability for myself because I feel a bit like I am spiraling out of control. My food hasn't been the best and I'm struggling to get in 10,000 steps, but I'm still trying to make better choices. Honestly, I have found a few things out about myself. Since moving into a temporary office space (I will only be here for a few more weeks) and not really wanting to move all my stuff in just to move it back out to the new space, I have been drinking a lot of ice water...more ice than water in the beginning and I was not keeping up with the amount of water I was drinking. My body started telling me that it was not nearly enough though. How did I handle that? I started filling my Nalgene water bottle that is marked at approximately 32 oz of water each day/morning for the day. I know when I finish that (and I shoot to finish it around lunch time) that I'm at the halfway mark. I'm not really including what I'm drinking before or after the workday so much. I want to hit at least 64 oz. before the workday ends. 

I joined a challenge with some friends to try to help get me moving more. Some days, being in this temporary space, it's hit or miss. I am sometimes successful in the morning, but not the afternoons, but overall, I'm really trying to move it. I need to get back into doing formal workouts as well. I think I have been consumed with all that has to be done that I lose track of what I need to do for myself. 

I am trying to find "real food" bread recipe that will work for my family. I noticed the one that I tried last night didn't seem to rise much. I'm concerned that my yeast may have died because it got put into the pantry (with my washer and dryer). Our younger two children have gotten into a habit of choosing the white bread (really, since I'm making it, it's white-wheat bread), but I really want to get back into the healthier choices. I am pondering starting that 100 Days to Real Food challenge again for myself. I can't see how reading labels and making better choices would be a bad thing. 

Tonight's plan, I don't have a dinner plan, but I need to do the vinegar rinse on my grapes, strawberries, blueberries and grape tomatoes. I want to put together a lunch for myself again tomorrow. Today, I had my morning smoothie (spinach, zucchini squash, half a banana, strawberries/blueberries, half a serving of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, chia seeds and flaxseeds with 8 oz of milk. Lunch is an oven roasted chicken breast salad from Subway (with the Ranch on the side). I have watermelon for snack and lemons for my water. The lemon seems to help curb my sweet tooth. Anyone else? Trying to only fill my cup with ice twice during the day. I need to try to stop drinking by 4 or so because it is weigh in night. I better get moving! Happy Thursday/Friday eve!


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