Something Special Saturday, August 1st

Yesterday I was reminded that willpower doesn’t always work, but listening to your body does.  I am going to be real honest here.  I have listened to some audio books and found some things on Pinterest that sort of took me back to some basic principles.  Listen to your body.  It truly does tell you when it needs food.  I decided to try something new yesterday and put a little coconut oil in my smoothie.  It worked wonders.  I had packed my roll-up (it was an ancient grain tortilla with some ham), some grape tomatoes to go with and a small package of Wholly Guacamole.  I had also packed snacks (2 boiled eggs and 1 cup of grapes and a medium apple cut up).  I got into my temporary office to find that someone brought donuts.  Like so many people, I have a hard time resisting a donut.  
Yesterday, I did.  My dear friend and former WW leader, Heather posted a challenge on her Facebook page asking if people would take the challenge and track.  I agreed to take the challenge.  I have been posting it to her page.  Knowing that I would have to track it and paste it on her page, I knew I really needed to resist.  I also tried something different yesterday and put a little oil in my smoothie.  What a difference?!  I had no trouble resisting the donuts and didn’t even eat my morning snack.  I was not hungry until lunch time, so I had my apple then since I didn’t want it to go to waste.  I was slightly tempted at afternoon snack time, but I passed them by and ate my egg and grapes at my desk. 

As for the something special part, I decided that the only way to change things is one step at a time.  I decided I would take myself back to the beginning or back to basics, where I was when I first started Weight Watchers.  This week (beginning 08/01/2015) I focus on water and vitamin/mineral supplement.  For me, water is 8-8 oz. cups of water.  There are varying schools of thought, but shooting for this seems to help me and I generally wind up getting in more than that.  I am tracking, weighing and measuring my food.  I can’t truly know what I’m getting in if I don’t write it down.

I am also trying something this week that I saw on YouTube: Meal prepping.  No, I don’t mean having every meal ready for the week, but I do want to get my snacks cut up and ready for eating.  I also would like to cook some chicken, veggies, etc. so that I can be at least partially prepared.  I think the thing that clicked when I was watching her video is that she commented that she doesn’t like to have the same thing to eat every single day.  I really don’t either, but if I can cook some things in advance.  Maybe cook a whole chicken in the crockpot, brown some hamburger or turkey, things like that.  I’ll have a good start and I can manage to throw together some meals much easier.   I am really feeling chatty, but I should run.  Have a blessed Saturday!


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