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Something Special Saturday, August 1st

Yesterday I was reminded that willpower doesn’t always work, but listening to your body does.  I am going to be real honest here.  I have listened to some  audio books  and found some things on Pinterest that sort of took me back to some basic principles.  Listen to your body.  It truly does tell you when it needs food.  I decided to try something new yesterday and put a little coconut oil in my smoothie.  It worked wonders.  I had packed my roll-up (it was an ancient grain tortilla with some ham), some grape tomatoes to go with and a small package of Wholly Guacamole.  I had also packed snacks (2 boiled eggs and 1 cup of grapes and a medium apple cut up).  I got into my temporary office to find that someone brought donuts.  Like so many people, I have a hard time resisting a donut.   Yesterday, I did.  My dear friend and former WW leader, Heather posted a challenge on her Facebook page asking if people would take the challenge and track.  I agreed to take the challenge.  I have b

Move Forward Friday, July 31st

Last night, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting to weigh in.  I haven't been since July 9, 2015 so I really needed to go back.  It's been a rough couple of weeks and I was feeling pretty miserable and in a negative place.  I had a gain of 0.6 this week.  I decided earlier in the day that I would stay after for the new member meeting because I really needed to go back to basics.  I am starting a challenge for one of the threads that I start that is called "Back to Basics" Challenge.  I am truly going back to the basics.  I am going to be weighing and measuring and trying to plan my meals.  If all goes well, perhaps I can pre-track like I used to.    I talked to my leader, Susan about sharing my tracker with her.  I feel if I am being held accountable and showing it to someone else helps me be accountable.  I know this is a process and I'm really starting over because I'm almost back up to the weight that I was when I started years ago.  I'm not focusi

Thinkin' Out Loud Thursday, July 16th

I know it has been a bit since I have posted a blog on here. I'm really trying to get a different level of accountability for myself because I feel a bit like I am spiraling out of control. My food hasn't been the best and I'm struggling to get in 10,000 steps, but I'm still trying to make better choices. Honestly, I have found a few things out about myself. Since moving into a temporary office space (I will only be here for a few more weeks) and not really wanting to move all my stuff in just to move it back out to the new space, I have been drinking a lot of ice water...more ice than water in the beginning and I was not keeping up with the amount of water I was drinking. My body started telling me that it was not nearly enough though. How did I handle that? I started filling my Nalgene water bottle that is marked at approximately 32 oz of water each day/morning for the day. I know when I finish that (and I shoot to finish it around lunch time) that I'm at the ha