Thinking Out Loud Thursday, June 4th

I am really trying to be more consistent about blogging.  It helps keep me accountable and right now, I need that.  I definitely overdid it last night and I’m not quite sure why I felt so hungry.  Today, I tried to plan ahead.  I had my morning smoothie and then for morning snack, I had 1 boiled egg and some grapes.  I tried something new this week and bought some MiRancho Ancient Grain Tortillas made with Organic Flax and Quinoa.  I have been using them instead of bread and they are only 3 PointsPlus.  They are pretty tasty.  Lunch was a tortilla with 1 serving of Black Forest Ham and 2 small cucumbers left from the Farmer’s Market.  I have cherries and grape tomatoes as snack also.  I feel better about my choices today.  If I can just keep making good choices and focus more on those unprocessed foods, I am certain I will see a loss on the scale consistently.  I also took a nice 15 minute walk while everyone was gone out for lunch.  I better get busy!  Happy Friday eve!


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