So I actually had a very similar menu planned for last week, but we had part of it.  Honestly, we were out later a couple of nights so we either ate out or ordered in.  My dinner main courses for the week are as follows:

Barbecue Ribs – we had these yesterday, along with salad and mashed potatoes
Hamburgers – those we are supposed to have tonight
Taco Salad – probably tomorrow
Salisbury Steak – I need to pick up more ground beef
Chicken Caesar Salad – I need to get some chicken

We were able to get to the Farmer’s Market over the weekend, but I couldn’t get any cucumbers, etc.  I am hoping that I can pick some decent ones up at the grocery store.  I was able to get tomatoes (regular and grape tomatoes) and lots of fruit.  I am enjoying using the fresh fruit in my smoothies.  However, I am realizing more and more that I need to perhaps leave out the bananas.  Since I’ve started using myfitnesspal, I have realized that my breakfasts are high in calories.  I knew my smoothies were high in PointsPlus, but I didn’t realize how high in calories and sugar they were.  This is the reason that I started tracking manually again.  I had tracked on SparkPeople, but I got to the point where I wasn’t looking at my calories at breakfast specifically, only the total calories and not a breakdown.  I really think this is helping me make better choices.  That’s the important thing right?  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!  Happy Monday!


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