Find a Way Friday, June 5th

You may be wondering why I picked this title.  I honestly picked it because weekends are difficult for me.  It is often easier for me to eat OP when I am working because there is some sort of schedule.   There is often so much to do on the weekend that there is no schedule and I wind up waiting until I am starving before I get something to eat and then it’s often not what I would choose if I had planned ahead.  This weekend, I am going to try to do things differently.  It may not work, but I have to at least try.

While I didn’t make it to my official weigh in last night, I did weigh in at home.  I probably weighed a little more given that I had dinner and more to drink at home.  I normally stop drinking a couple of hours before weigh in time.  I weighed in at 195.  I am looking at it as a new starting place.  Honestly, I sometimes flash back to when I first started in 2007 and how I felt.  I was so motivated to make a change and with the change in eating habits and the help of workout buddies, I lost almost all the way down to my mini-goal weight of 152.  Unfortunately, circumstances in my life caused me to find a new job, I was not close to my gym anymore and I wasn’t spending so much time with my support system/fitness circle.  Time changes and honestly, there have been many good things that happened since that time in my life…like meeting my wonderful husband.  So here I am again, trying to find my fitness footing and knowing that the weight loss will be a pleasant side effect of eating better and working out.  I should get back to work.  Happy Friday all!


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