So, honestly, I have been feeling like I am headed in the wrong direction.  I haven’t been eating quite like I need to everyday and I haven’t been working out.  After probably an hour or more of holding our Bichon Frise to get him trimmed or helping trim him, I got up this morning to an aching body.  My wrists, elbows, knees and hips hurt.  I was being reminded that my health is important and I need to take care of me too.  I have really started trying to rely on essential oils for my pain relief rather than Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.  So today, I am trying Wintergreen.  Although it says to mix it with fractionated coconut oil for larger areas, I put it directly on.  It was a weird sensation, but it seems to have helped with the pain. 

As you may be aware, I have decided to focus on real food.  For purposes of Weight Watchers, I am using mostly the Power Foods list.  However, I am not eating fat free or low fat anything.  I cook with butter and I use whole milk.  I find that it is more satisfying to me.  However, I am trying to adjust some things so that not only am I eating healthier, but my family will be too.  I located a honey whole wheat bread recipe that I am going to try.  I am hoping to make the switch soon to foods that have fewer ingredients.  That may not always be the case, but I’m definitely trying. 

I started a 100 Days of Small Changes with some friends which I’m hoping will help me focus on something new each week.  This week it was meal planning, which wasn’t horrible, but it could have been better.  I think for next week, continuing with meal planning, but I am going to focus on my snacks and trying to pair a protein and fruit or veggie. 

April 2: 196.2
April 16: 195.8

Loss: 0.4


  1. How effective is the natural oils for pain?? I really like the sound of that and wonder if would help me with my headaches/migraines. ....I like hearing that you're going to real food and making small changes to big results. Keep us updated on your 100 day challenge. It sounds fun!

  2. Hi! I recently joined Weight Watchers too and am getting used to points instead of calories.

  3. Hi! I recently joined Weight Watchers too and am getting used to points instead of calories.


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