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Thrilled Thursday, December 31st

Honestly, you would think as long as I have been on this journey that I would know that what I may expect on the scale isn't always what I will get when I step on the scale.  I was shocked and surprised last night to step on the scale and realize that I had not gained, as expected, but lost just under a pound!  I have determined that for me that tracking is key, but I was thrilled to see that number go in the right direction.  I am back to tracking though.   As I have decided that 2016 will be my year to meet my weight loss goal, I decided that I wanted more than just the FitBit One.  After discussion with my husband because of the expense, it was agreed that I could get the FitBit Surge.  Because I know I have an issue with change, I didn't replace the One, but added the Surge as an additional device.  I figured out this morning that I believe they are feeding off each other.  I had the One on before I finished set up for the Surge, but they show the same step count.  We&#

Work for It Wednesday, December 30th

As I sit here eating my snack of carrots and hummus, I have been thinking a lot about how to make 2016 my year to hit goal.  Not just to say it, but to find a way to make it happen.  To that end, I have listening to some audiobooks about being happier at home and being better than before.  It has given me some insights into things that I hadn’t realized before.  My hope is that I can use these things to my advantage.  Some of these new things I think I had already begun realizing but to be able to put it together is definitely helping me know what I need to do to hit goal for the coming year.  Here are a few things I have learned for sure: Meal Planning/Meal Prepping helps me stay on plan. Tracking helps me stay aware of what I’m eating or how I am working out. I tend to do better with a weight loss buddy or workout buddy. I do better with in a structured environment. There is still much I know I need to learn and do to make sure I hit my goal.  Tonight

Making a better ME Monday, December 28, 2015

I was reminded this holiday weekend that I do better when I’m in a structured environment.  Home is not overly structured for me.  I need to work on that.  To that end, I feel like I went a little off the rails.  I have planned/packed lunch and snacks today.    I also pre-tracked lunch and snacks when I tracked breakfast.  I am hoping to get things planned ahead again this week so that I can spend some time cooking on Saturday.  This will help me be prepared for the coming week.  It was a good holiday though.  DS25 was able to spend the holiday with us, which is rare these days.    It was definitely enjoyable.  I am pretty proud of the fact that when I weighed in on Thursday morning, I lost another 2 pounds.  I am down a total of 4 pounds since starting the new WW SmartPoints plan.  It is definitely helping me to re-focus on meal planning and packing my lunch and trying to make sure I meal plan and meal prep for my family.   I started out at 205.8 pounds and am currently at 201


I know I disappeared for a short period.  Things have been a little hectic for me with everything going on…the holidays, holiday get-togethers, physical therapy, the Weight Watchers new program reveal, etc.  There is just so much to do.   I am honestly excited about Beyond the Scale.  One of the things I am struggling with is tracking honestly.  I know if I am not honest in my tracking that I am only cheating myself.  My body shows my food journal accurately whether I write it down accurately or not, wouldn’t it be better to KNOW what I did or didn’t do when I look back?  I know I have done it before when I first started Weight Watchers too many months ago to even want to admit to, so I know I can do it now.  I’ve just gotten into some bad habits, which HAVE TO STOP.  After weighing myself last Wednesday (I couldn’t weigh in on my normal Thursday and I only weigh on the official scale if I can help it), I was at an all-time high weight.  Last night, I headed to my meeting location t

Making Memories Monday - December 7th

We had so much fun (and definitely some work) for the church float for the Allen Christmas parade after church.  There was some frustration, but overall I think most everyone enjoyed the fellowship with our church family.  Looking back, I know the kids will have some great memories of our fun afternoon.  This reminded me to focus on some memories that I have from my childhood.  Yes, I remember preparing for parades when I was in Colorguard/flag corps, but I also remember great times when we got together with Aunt Karen to make candy or time spent with my mom playing Yahtzee or card games or making Christmas ornaments while singing Christmas carols together.  These were some of the greatest memories that I have and I hope to make more great memories with my children.  I have not gotten the new information for the changes to Weight Watchers, but I am determined to give it my best shot!  Hoping to get back to meal planning this week!  Happy Monday!

Move Forward Monday - 11/30

So after some further thought last week, I know that eating out so often at lunch is not helping me at all.  So today, although perhaps not the best lunch, I had a serving of 7 can soup for lunch.  I definitely want to start eating cleaner and limiting so much canned food, but this is what we have right now.   I do hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a busy, but good Thursday and Friday.  This weekend makes me even more thankful for my sweet husband.  He drove both days.  Considering we saw 2 accidents less than a half mile between them, it made me even more thankful that my husband is a defensive driver.  Friday was a day spent with more family and old friends.  I know my mom enjoyed the time together.  I am hoping that we can make it happen a little more often than it has been since she moved in with us.  She's definitely a little more mobile than she was initially. I did manage to get some cycling done today.  I am not going over the time limit given

Wake-up Call Wednesday

You know that moment, the first time you step on the scale in months due to an injury or illness??  It was a wake-up call this morning.  To be honest, I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it.  My eating has been far from 100% since I hurt myself at the end of August. Add that along with not working out, it just seems to have gotten out of control.  I have stated to some dear friends that I would hit my goal in 2016.  I can honestly say that it is my lack of focus on what I am eating.  It would definitely seem it is time to re-group and re-focus on what I need to do.  I have been using Pinterest to research and come up with a meal planning/meal prepping game plan along with watching some great videos on meal prepping on YouTube.  I feel like it has definitely got ideas brewing in my head and now, with a little help from family, I’m hoping to put it in play. I am a little more mobile, but still limited.  I am certain the Physical Therapy is helping.  I won’t be going back to the do

Take Care of ME Tuesday!

With the understanding that I have not been on my feet since the end of August, I am excited to say that I actually walked unassisted in physical therapy yesterday!  Yes, I feel sort of like a kid on Christmas morning and I’m okay with that.  I feel like this is definite progress for me and that I will be back on my feet soon.  I know there are some big changes coming for WW and know that I need to get back on plan.  Even though I’m on WW, I’m determined to steer clear of fake foods.  I will continue to use real butter and will not be consuming fat free cheese, etc.   My journey to be a healthier me and eating real food is only really beginning again.  I started trying to do this earlier in the year, but things got sidelined when I hurt myself.  Now it is time to begin again.  There are so many things I want to do, but my goals right now are small and I will just add onto those. With the pain that comes from healing after an injury, I need this reminder so I wanted to share th

Flash Forward Friday

So I am pretty excited about what happened at Physical Therapy yesterday, I put weight on my ankle!  Yes!  I am truly making progress and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It seems like this healing process is taking forever.  I have been thinking about it and I think part of the reason that it feels like it’s taking so long is simply that we live in such a “now” society that I want healing to happen instantly.  However, the Father, in His infinite wisdom, made the body perfectly and I need to respect that and the healing process.  It’s funny that I can be so patient when I’m making bread from scratch or when I’m baking or cooking something.  I enjoy the process, so maybe that’s why I can be patient when it comes to that sort of thing.  The thing that I have noticed though, especially in the last couple of days is that my calf and ankle are swelling.  I have been trying not to take the pain meds simply because I feel like I’ve been pretty much taking them since the en

Throw Back Thursday/Looking back at my history..

Is it just me or do you also look fondly back on the past?  This morning I was reminded of something I had put out of my mind for many years.  This picture that randomly appeared in my Facebook feed reminded me of memories from my past.  Specifically with my Nanny sitting on her front porch shelling peas or snapping green beans, these are things I haven't done or been around in years.  They are fond memories indeed.  I am finding as I am getting older that I want to learn the things that I remember my elders doing like crocheting and quilting and sewing and canning and gardening.  Some of these things seem like they are lost arts to me.  Most of my family that used to do those things have passed, but I still long to be sitting in the room with my great aunts and grandmother quilting or with my Nanny when she's working in the garden.  I am thankful for those memories and thankful for the memories that I'm making with my children.   What memories do you have with your fam

It has been too long!

I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I have blogged.  So much has happened since I've been baby dog, Daisy passed away, I had what they kept saying was a sprain and ultimately wound up having surgery on my left ankle.  I have now started Physical Therapy and I'm excited to finally be getting back on my feet, literally.  I have truly missed cooking and baking for my family.   I have spent my time off my feet reading a lot.  I have recommitted to making time for myself, my family and my journey.  I have determined that I truly need to get back in the habit of carrying a planner and writing everything down again.  Not just my food and special events, but even daily events.  I think it will help me feel more in control and aware of what I need to be aware of, kid events, etc.  I have also started trying to make meal plans/meal prepping plans so that we don't wind up in this situation again.  By this situation, I mean where someone is sick and someone e

Thinkin Out Loud Thursday, August 20th

So it’s been an interesting frustrating as it may have been I have had a plan and have tried to stay with my meal plan.   Unfortunately, not everything I had planned this week worked out like I had planned, but I have made it work.  Tonight seems to be the only night that I don’t have anything in the crockpot or pre-cooked for dinner.  Last night’s dinner was a little more processed than I normally make right before weigh in, but it is what it is.  I am trying to get a little more used to the meal planning and meal prepping.  I have been reading Choose More, Lose More for Life by Chris Powell.  I have not made a final decision as to whether I will start carb cycling, but I think if I am doing it in conjunction with WW (since most of the approved list is the same) that it might help me get moving in the right direction.  There are definitely concepts in this book that I have read in other books/articles as well that I think definitely have some value.  It talks about st


So if you read my blog yesterday, you know I had a gain.  I am really trying not to focus on that number and to move forward with what I know I need to do.  Like meal planning/prepping, taking lunch, tracking, working out because these will get me to my ultimate goal of being healthy.  I've already starting trying to put together a meal plan for next week...including a meatless Monday!  I am excited and need to figure out what my meal prep item will be for lunch this week.  It's looking like a crazy Saturday, but I'm sure we will have fun.  Tomorrow's fun includes the Frontiers of Flight museum for the anniversary of the end of World World II and Rosie the Riveter dress up fun.  I'm not sure I'll get a formal workout in, but definitely lots of walking around the museum to see the exhibits. I'm not sure I'll have time to post tomorrow, but I'll try.  Have a great Friday!

Thinking Out Loud Thursday, August 13th

Wow!  Sometimes I have quotes that just hit me like a ton of bricks and this was one of them.  I have been struggling with this the last few workouts.  My body aches and my legs will feel like they are going to cramp up and my breath feels like I just can't get enough...but I give myself a pep talk while I'm on that machine and tell myself...hey you only have 7 minutes did 30 minutes yesterday or the day before or whatever.  Sometimes it really is mental for me just to get me there.  I was hoping to do Zumba yesterday, but, well, it simply didn't happen.  Life got in the way, but I am planning to try to make it next week.  If I plan ahead, I can make it happen, right? This morning started out very frustrating,  but I am trying to turn it around.   I did decide that, instead of a rest day,  which I normally take on Thursday because if weigh in, I am walking for 30 minutes and going to do a few sets of squats,  lunges and calf raises.   I am a work in progres

Workout Wednesday, August 12th

While everyday is not the best day, I can honestly say that I am feeling the changes that are coming.  Even though my sweet husband didn't feel like going to the Rec Center, my DS15 said he would go with me.  It is always better for me when I have someone holding me accountable.  It is a process for sure.  I want to make sure that I have lunch and snacks prepared so I can make it work for my day.  Tomorrow will be a little longer tomorrow because I have weigh in.   Tonight DH and I went to the Rec Center and rode the recumbent bike for 30 minutes.  My legs have been trying to cramp up so I decided to do something different.  I'm just proud of the steps I'm taking to get me healthy.  Lunch is fixed for tomorrow but I do still have to do my yogurt and such and probably and extra snack so I know I've got enough to get me through until I can get home and have dinner. Unfortunately, I've got a bad case of the "I don't want to's" since my kitchen w

Let’s Talk It Out Tuesday, August 11th

It’s been a crazy few days.  Where to start?   I started on Week 2 of my Back to Basics Challenge, which is to focus on 1 to 2 servings of lean protein and continue with week 1’s focus of water and vitamin/mineral supplement.   I had to leave the office for an emergency and wound up not eating the lunch that I had packed.   Downside, I wound up eating Whataburger…Upside, I still had lunch for today.   I am really trying to focus on planning better and managed to take a little time on Sunday to meal plan/prep.   I browned some ground bison with some taco seasoning.   I portioned it out at 3 oz. each so I could have it this week in a wrap, salad, or whatever. Breakfast was a smoothie with 1/2 a serving of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, 3 oz of spinach, 50 grams of banana, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1 tsp each of chia seeds and ground flaxseed and 8 oz. of milk.  Lunch was 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 cup or so of grape tomatoes, 1 oz of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

Wake Up Wednesday, August 5th

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I did not work out and feel like I should have, but my back was really out of line.  After my chiropractic visit, I got a bit of a headache and my legs were going numb.  This, for me, is a sure sign I waited too long to see him for an adjustment.  I am trying to listen to my body and feed myself healthy food.  I think I may need to plan for 2 snacks in the afternoon because I hit the peanut butter filled pretzel yesterday afternoon.  So today I planned better with extra snacks so I'm not munching on peanut butter pretzels again.   While my Back to Basics challenge seems quite easy to accomplish, it is spurring me to make better food choices.  Here's hoping that my meal planning/prepping will go better this week.  Can't beat myself up but taking things one step at a time. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!  

Talk It Out Tuesday, August 4th

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple of days.  Honestly, my body has just been tired.  If you have read my last couple of blogs, you may be aware that I have decided to go back to basics.  I think that remembering how I was when I started and when things were new, will help.  So far, I have to say even though my focus this week is on something else; it seems to be helping across the board. I am making better choices.  This morning I was reading my devotional and I was reminded that I need to let go of my expectations.  When I do that, my focus will change and I will be free to “let go and let God”, as my Pastor has said many times.  Honestly, I realized something earlier that had not occurred to me until recently.  I have stopped focusing on the traditional “meals”.  I still do that for dinner (other than breakfast for dinner), but I seem to be focusing on what I have on hand that will sustain me.  For instance, yesterday I had 2 cucumbers and avocado hummus for lunch.  T

Something Special Saturday, August 1st

Yesterday I was reminded that willpower doesn’t always work, but listening to your body does.  I am going to be real honest here.  I have listened to some  audio books  and found some things on Pinterest that sort of took me back to some basic principles.  Listen to your body.  It truly does tell you when it needs food.  I decided to try something new yesterday and put a little coconut oil in my smoothie.  It worked wonders.  I had packed my roll-up (it was an ancient grain tortilla with some ham), some grape tomatoes to go with and a small package of Wholly Guacamole.  I had also packed snacks (2 boiled eggs and 1 cup of grapes and a medium apple cut up).  I got into my temporary office to find that someone brought donuts.  Like so many people, I have a hard time resisting a donut.   Yesterday, I did.  My dear friend and former WW leader, Heather posted a challenge on her Facebook page asking if people would take the challenge and track.  I agreed to take the challenge.  I have b

Move Forward Friday, July 31st

Last night, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting to weigh in.  I haven't been since July 9, 2015 so I really needed to go back.  It's been a rough couple of weeks and I was feeling pretty miserable and in a negative place.  I had a gain of 0.6 this week.  I decided earlier in the day that I would stay after for the new member meeting because I really needed to go back to basics.  I am starting a challenge for one of the threads that I start that is called "Back to Basics" Challenge.  I am truly going back to the basics.  I am going to be weighing and measuring and trying to plan my meals.  If all goes well, perhaps I can pre-track like I used to.    I talked to my leader, Susan about sharing my tracker with her.  I feel if I am being held accountable and showing it to someone else helps me be accountable.  I know this is a process and I'm really starting over because I'm almost back up to the weight that I was when I started years ago.  I'm not focusi

Thinkin' Out Loud Thursday, July 16th

I know it has been a bit since I have posted a blog on here. I'm really trying to get a different level of accountability for myself because I feel a bit like I am spiraling out of control. My food hasn't been the best and I'm struggling to get in 10,000 steps, but I'm still trying to make better choices. Honestly, I have found a few things out about myself. Since moving into a temporary office space (I will only be here for a few more weeks) and not really wanting to move all my stuff in just to move it back out to the new space, I have been drinking a lot of ice water...more ice than water in the beginning and I was not keeping up with the amount of water I was drinking. My body started telling me that it was not nearly enough though. How did I handle that? I started filling my Nalgene water bottle that is marked at approximately 32 oz of water each day/morning for the day. I know when I finish that (and I shoot to finish it around lunch time) that I'm at the ha


What makes today wonderful?  I woke up this morning and the Father started me on my way.  That is a blessing as far as I’m concerned because I am not promised tomorrow. I posted a question on several of the boards that I’m on asking where people get their inspiration for their meals.  I am honestly curious because I will tell you that I am having difficulty with the meal planning.  I try to include my family in this decision, but they seem to prefer to let me make the decision and they just eat.  Thankfully, I’m blessed that I don’t have a picky bunch.  I’ve looked at the possibility of following other people’s meal plans, but I don’t feel comfortable cooking some of the stuff that I’ve seen listed.  I can honestly say that my meals this week haven’t been too bad.  For me, moderation is key.  I am not one to fix a cobbler (as I did for my husband this past weekend) and not have any at all.  I had a little bit along with one scoop of ice cream.  I need to figure out how to get so


I know we have all been guilty on some level of negative self talk.  Even though we don’t always realize it, we may be hindering our own weight loss efforts.  I did a blog about this a month or so ago and have really been trying to flip the switch.  It is hard not to look at myself and think I wish my stomach didn’t look so big or my thighs are huge or if my thighs weren’t so fat I wouldn’t get rashes there (are you sensing a trend?).  It isn’t always easy to change the way we think or to stop being judgmental about our own bodies or even others.  I have really been trying to work on the way I think about myself and really not trying to pass judgment on others because I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes.  Honestly, can you tell me that you don’t look at people differently based on how they are dressed or how they look?  I know that I have and I’m trying to work on that.  If you have been through this, how did you handle it?  Honestly, until I started reading a book awhile back I


So I actually had a very similar menu planned for last week, but we had part of it.  Honestly, we were out later a couple of nights so we either ate out or ordered in.  My dinner main courses for the week are as follows: Barbecue Ribs – we had these yesterday, along with salad and mashed potatoes Hamburgers – those we are supposed to have tonight Taco Salad – probably tomorrow Salisbury Steak – I need to pick up more ground beef Chicken Caesar Salad – I need to get some chicken Spaghetti We were able to get to the Farmer’s Market over the weekend, but I couldn’t get any cucumbers, etc.  I am hoping that I can pick some decent ones up at the grocery store.  I was able to get tomatoes (regular and grape tomatoes) and lots of fruit.  I am enjoying using the fresh fruit in my smoothies.  However, I am realizing more and more that I need to perhaps leave out the bananas.  Since I’ve started using myfitnesspal, I have realized that my breakfasts ar

Find a Way Friday, June 5th

You may be wondering why I picked this title.  I honestly picked it because weekends are difficult for me.  It is often easier for me to eat OP when I am working because there is some sort of schedule.   There is often so much to do on the weekend that there is no schedule and I wind up waiting until I am starving before I get something to eat and then it’s often not what I would choose if I had planned ahead.  This weekend, I am going to try to do things differently.  It may not work, but I have to at least try. While I didn’t make it to my official weigh in last night, I did weigh in at home.  I probably weighed a little more given that I had dinner and more to drink at home.  I normally stop drinking a couple of hours before weigh in time.  I weighed in at 195.  I am looking at it as a new starting place.  Honestly, I sometimes flash back to when I first started in 2007 and how I felt.  I was so motivated to make a change and with the change in eating habits and the help of

Thinking Out Loud Thursday, June 4th

I am really trying to be more consistent about blogging.  It helps keep me accountable and right now, I need that.  I definitely overdid it last night and I’m not quite sure why I felt so hungry.  Today, I tried to plan ahead.  I had my morning smoothie and then for morning snack, I had 1 boiled egg and some grapes.  I tried something new this week and bought some MiRancho Ancient Grain Tortillas made with Organic Flax and Quinoa.  I have been using them instead of bread and they are only 3 PointsPlus.  They are pretty tasty.  Lunch was a tortilla with 1 serving of Black Forest Ham and 2 small cucumbers left from the Farmer’s Market.  I have cherries and grape tomatoes as snack also.  I feel better about my choices today.  If I can just keep making good choices and focus more on those unprocessed foods, I am certain I will see a loss on the scale consistently.  I also took a nice 15 minute walk while everyone was gone out for lunch.  I better get busy!  Happy Friday eve!

Wonderful Wednesday, June 3rd

I've always heard that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  On that definition alone, I have clearly been insane for some time now.  I really feel like I have been cycling through the same few pounds over and over again.  So I have decided that it is time to change things.  I have been putting myself completely on the back burner, but I really need to take time for myself so that I can workout.  I have not been pushing myself too hard, which I think that may be part of the problem for me.  I am really trying to focus on eating more Power Foods and have been trying to hit the Farmer’s Market, but I really need to make time to get things cooked on the weekends because there are times that what we buy just goes to waste and we really can’t afford that.  I weigh in tomorrow night and I’m really not sure how that’s going to go because I have been drinking more sodas than I should and I’m trying to get control of that. 

Meal Planning Monday, June 1, 2015

So I actually had planned this menu for last week, but didn’t make it to the grocery store.  My dinner main courses for the week is as follows: Meatloaf Taco Salad Chicken Caesar Salad Barbecue Ribs Hamburgers I do have to go by the store tonight to pick up a few things.  We didn’t  make it to the farmer’s market this week so we are a little short on fruits and veggies this week.  I am hoping that I can get some lunches planned and, hopefully, put together for this week too.  I could use some suggestions there.  Tonight is sounding more and more like it is going to be a busy night because I have so much to do.  I need to make some breakfast stuff for my Mom so we have quick breakfasts for the mornings.   I guess I need to do the same for myself too.  I normally have smoothies, but I may need to step outside my little box there too.  I think I am getting into a rut with my food.  Of late, I have been fixing my mom some homemade lunchables, but I may have to get some mor

April 24, 2015: Our Words/Thoughts

So I was watching CSI: Cyber episode called “URL, Interrupted” which is about a girl being cyberbullied and Peter MacNicol’s character (Simon Sifter) was talking to his son about participating in cyberbulling.  His character said “Your words hurt this girl.  Words have consequences.”  Honestly, this statement could not be truer.  These are not just the words that we say to others, but the words (or thoughts) that we say to ourselves.  Negative self talk is not a good thing for any of us.  I have really been trying to focus on changing my mindset, but it isn’t always easy.  Sometimes those thoughts pop in your head out of habit.  Once those words (or thoughts) pop out, you can’t take them back.  I remember hearing when my oldest child was little to “be careful because little ears hear what you say”.  Those seemingly innocent thoughts like when my leader announced the loss for the group last night and the thought that popped in was “I didn’t contribute to that total” and I had to stop m


So, honestly, I have been feeling like I am headed in the wrong direction.  I haven’t been eating quite like I need to everyday and I haven’t been working out.  After probably an hour or more of holding our Bichon Frise to get him trimmed or helping trim him, I got up this morning to an aching body.  My wrists, elbows, knees and hips hurt.  I was being reminded that my health is important and I need to take care of me too.  I have really started trying to rely on essential oils for my pain relief rather than Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.  So today, I am trying Wintergreen.  Although it says to mix it with fractionated coconut oil for larger areas, I put it directly on.  It was a weird sensation, but it seems to have helped with the pain.  As you may be aware, I have decided to focus on real food.  For purposes of Weight Watchers, I am using mostly the Power Foods list.  However, I am not eating fat free or low fat anything.  I cook with butter and I use whole milk.  I find that it is m

April 2, 2015

I have had much on my mind of late.  I have been having a hard time focusing on making myself a priority and taking care of myself.  I took a break from pretty much everything.  I didn’t meal plan, I missed multiple Weight Watchers meetings, I didn’t post on online forums.  I think I felt like a fraud.  I have been starting threads and trying to be positive about my weight loss efforts, but I felt like a hamster on a wheel.  My weight has just fluctuated up and down and I am pretty much losing and gaining the same 10 pounds or so.  I made some changes that a lot of people are probably going to disagree with, but it makes sense to me.  When I was a small child (i.e. when I was still very thin), I ate whole fat foods, I drank whole milk, I wasn’t focused on eating “diet” everything.  So that’s what I am going back to.  I am focusing on feeding my family unprocessed foods.  I am making snacks for them to take in their lunch boxes so it isn’t filled with all the processed foods. Now t

Happy April Fool’s Day!

So a friend posted today in one of the Facebook groups that we are in together that she is frustrated by her ability to lose because she is sabotaging herself.  This spoke volumes to me because I do the same thing.  I have been for quite some time.  I am determined to make changes for myself.  It is not always easy when you have had a love/hate relationship with yourself and your body to love the woman that you see in the mirror.  Another friend (thanks Nancy) reminded me how important that this is.  I will be the first to tell you that I have not always loved or appreciated this body that the Father gave me.  Truth be told, I have had a hard time on more than one occasion remembering that it is the only body that I have and I need to take care of it. Here is the long and short of it.  If I want my body to change and I want to learn to love the woman in the mirror, I have to start making that change for myself.    So, I thought, I should just start today.  What better day right? 

Happy first day of spring!

I know it has been months since I have posted anything.  I am sorry for that.  I have had some personal stuff going on and I was off my game.  I am now 9 days away from my 44 th birthday or the 15 th anniversary of my 29 th birthday as my husband says.  I wish I could say that things are wonderful and that I was well on my way to my goal weight.  I have actually been heading the wrong direction.  The call of sodas has been a bit much for me to overcome of late with my headaches, which has not had a good effect on my weight loss. I have recently come back in contact with a group of friends that gave me lots of support and so many of them inspire me.  I am so thankful that they are back in my life, especially when I was feeling like just taking a break for a bit. I did make another decision.  My cousin recommended a book to me called “Real Food: What to Eat and Why”, which really resonated with me.  I purchased Nourishing Traditions and started reading it too.  After reading